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Reports from John Latini


Robert with Bell’s Palsy in Tennessee

This past Sunday, February 10 a gentleman named Robert from Tennessee posted on my Facebook wall the following:  “Hi John, it seems from your post you believe in God, would you pray over me tonight?”  I emailed Robert and he sent me his cell phone number.  I called Robert Sunday after church to minister to him. 

Robert stated he has been struggling financially ever since he has become sick.  I asked Robert what was wrong and he said he has had severe Bell’s Palsy which caused permanent nerve damage in his face.  He said the entire side of his face droops, is painful and he hates to smile as due to the nerve damage when he smiles it forces his eye to close and he looks ridiculous. 

Robert also said he has been walking with a cane since 2008 with severe nerve pain in his leg.  I poured out God’s love and told Robert I was going to minister to him.  I asked Robert to please put his own hand on the side of his face stepping out in faith while I ministered to him.  I started commanding the nerves in his face to come alive in Jesus’ Name, commanding all pain to leave in Jesus’ Name.  After a few minutes of ministering Robert stated he felt a lot of heat on his hand and face.  Robert said he had no more pain in his face and it felt almost normal.  I started telling him how much Jesus loves him.  

Robert was crying over the phone.  I asked Robert if he was having pain in his leg and he said “yes”.  I again asked him to put his hand on his leg and I again commanded the pain to leave and the nerves to be fully restored.  Robert stated he was now walking around his house without his cane in no pain.  We praised Jesus together and I said we would keep in touch. (We talked for quite awhile afterwards.)

At 6:24pm on Sunday, February 10 Robert posted the following on my Facebook wall and I posted the following back to him:

Robert’s post 6:24 pm: “Still pain free in my leg and my face J this is truly wonderful I have walked without my cane since I got done talking to you. I feel better for the first time since 2008.”

My post 6:32 pm: Jesus is so awesome! His love & power is so real.. Amazing things are coming your way Robert just have faith in Jesus. Thank him for healing you! You are incredible, brother.

Robert’s post 6:36 pm: “After talking with you I want to ask Jesus to come into my heart, dear Jesus, I thank you so much for leading me to lookup my friend John, it’s been nearly 30 years  since we met but you had a purpose for us talking today, please come into my heart, forgive me of my sins, thank you for healing me of my pain, bless my friend John and his family tonight, thanks again for sending John my way today, through you, I now have hope I never had before, amen.

My Post 6:44 pm: Now that’s truly incredible Robert. You have blessed me, brother…  It is all about Jesus and welcome to God’s Kingdom!  It is all about Jesus.  Thank you Jesus for your amazing Grace – absolutely awesome!

Robert’s Post 8:06 pm: I took a little nap my leg usually gives me severe pain and fits while sleeping, for the first time no pain while I slept.  I am so happy!

On Monday, February 11 at 12:03 pm Robert posted the following:

Walked one half mile with no pain.  Went rest of the way to work and then four miles back with no cane. My neighbor who saw me said “where’s your cane?” And I said, “I do not need it anymore.”  She then said, “did your doctor tell you not to use your cane?” And I replied “The great Healer above told me I do not need it anymore, [it’s the] first time I have walked without a cane to work (pain free) in many years. PRAISE JESUS!”

I have spoken with Robert numerous times on the phone since and he has stated the side of his face no longer droops and he can finally smile again! Praise God!

Robert is calling our church this coming Sunday (he lives in Tennessee) to give his testimony to the congregation over the phone.  Jesus is so awesome.