“I am Alcardo, a 21-year-old from Africa with a very powerful testimony. I had been suffering from anxiety, a cyst in my throat and growth in my mouth.

I contacted TheElijahChallenge and they put me through to their trained co-worker Sarhonda Brown in Chicago.

I wrote to her about what my situation was and that she should pray for me. She wrote back to me and told me that in a few hours she would call me. On Sunday, the 7th of February 2016 she called exactly at 2:30pm and asked me a few questions.

After that she had me repent for my sins. She told me to put my hand on my heart as she prayed and rebuked the spirit of anxiety to leave my body. Afterwards there was no palpitation anymore—it was gone. With regard to the cyst and the growth in my mouth, she rebuked them in Jesus’ name and commanded them to leave. After four times I felt something moving up and down in my throat. The cyst and the growth were both dissolving. Glory be unto God for the miracle. God is amazing.”


Reports from Teddy & Shar