On Sunday, March 4, 2012 we ministered at an Assemblies of God English-language Sunday Service here. (The day before on Saturday we had taught The Elijah Challenge Basic Training for the church.) At the Service people were healed of various infirmities as the trained disciples ministered to them to prove that Jesus is the only way to the Father.

After the service a young sister named Ira came to us bringing her husband Paul who worked as a guard at the US Embassy in Jakarta. While Paul was studying in America some years back, he met Ira who was a Muslim and they married in a local mosque there. After they returned to Indonesia Ira came into a vibrant relationship with the Lord Jesus, but Paul fell into bad company and became addicted to marijuana and cigarettes. Their marriage suffered. Every day Paul would experience episodes of  paralyzing anxiety and chest pain.

At that Sunday Service eleven days ago, Paul requested through Ira that we minister to him. He wanted to repent and to come back to the Lord. We laid hands on him and rebuked the demons of addiction and commanded him to be healed in Jesus’ name. We commanded him to be set free from the daily anxiety attacks and chest pain. As we ministered to him Paul felt the magnificent power of the Lord Jesus Christ setting him free and healing him.

Today we heard from Ira, his lovely wife who had brought him to us. Below is what she wrote.


This is Ira. Paul’s wife.  

Paul is doing so fine. This has been the best ten days of our lives as spouses, of peace, joy, and love and love only. It is all because of the Lord our God, Christ Jesus and His Love to us, to our marriage, and to our family. But most of all, for Jesus’ Love to Paul. 

Paul now is back to his real being. The man that I used to fall in love with. The man full with zealous love towards Jesus; the man that I knew then when I first met him; that he was born to be a servant of God and will be used to win souls and to glorify His Name. Paul is really changed. He never for once touched  marijuana again; not a single day has passed (after that very day – when he was healed at the altar by your prayer) during which he was contaminated by that substance anymore, not even regular cigarettes such as Marlboro. Praise the Lord.

He is patient. He is humble. He is willing to admit and to be taught. He is my real deal Paul. No longer in anxiety mode; all the chest pain has stopped. He is gentle. He is loving. He is Paul. Apology to always repeating the same words over and over, because His Love left us amazed, Pastor. Paul erased all the names in his cell phone [of his former friends]; who potentially can lead him back to the temptation. He chooses his friends, the right crowd. He spends time with God, by playing church music and also contented with our children by be with them in most quality moment. 

I could not be more thankful to the Lord. All I wanted was my Paul to return home—the so-called prodigal son. He is indeed now, home. 

Thank you, Pastor. WE LOVE YOU AND MRS. LUCY.”