The following miracle happened during the Foursquare Pastors and Leadership Conference in Penang, Malaysia which was held from 21st to 23rd March 2017.

One of our Myanmar Pastors, Pastor Sangte Hatzaw (above) who was credentialed as a Licensed Minister at the recent Foursquare Pastors and Leadership Conference in Penang, has been miraculously healed of a growth in the lower rectal area. 

Pastor Sangte Hatzaw had been suffering from this ailment for many years. The surgery to remove that growth was scheduled to be right after the Foursquare Camp. 

During the Camp, we prayed for him and before the end of the camp, he was prayed over again by Pastor Albert Kang and Pastor Asaph. At that time of ministry, he felt God’s healing power flowing into his body. He testified to the two pastors about it.


Pastors Asaph and Albert at left

Then on Sunday night, while in the toilet, he felt something dropped out of his body. The next day, during the checkup, right before the operation, the doctor could not find the growth in his body. 

There was NO need for an operation to be done on Pastor Sangte Hatzaw. He only needed to be stitched up. The growth had totally disappeared. The hospital refunded ALL the money that he had paid for the surgery. 

We just want to praise God for the healing done on one of our pastors. We have the God-given power in us authorized by the Lord Jesus to command healing and restoration of health in His name, wherever we go. All glory to God.

Rev Joel Liew 
Lead Pastor 
Victory International Foursquare Fellowship