By Subodh Jena Kumar

March 12, 2012

A significant miracle I am sharing to you.

Surendra Saraf is a Hindu who came to Christ a few months ago. But his wife did not believe in Jesus. She was pregnant during that time and she gave birth to a baby boy on the first of February in a hospital in Bhawanipatna. The child became sick after three days, and it became serious. The Bhawanipatna hospital referred the child to Bissumcuttack Christian hospital, a large Lutheran hospital 95 kms from Bhawanipatna. Suredra took the child to the hospital. They kept the child for three or four days, and informed him that there was some problem with his urinary part and there was water stored in his kidney. They said they could not do the operation as the child was only five days old, and directed them to Cuttack hospital, the biggest hospital in Odisha.

Brother Suredra and his family came to Bhawanipatna on Saturday night and got together some money (Rs. 40/50,0000). Surendra came to me yesterday morning and told me that it was a major issue. His child was unable to urinate normally because of blockage, and an operation was urgently needed. The baby was crying bitterly just to release a drop of urine.

I told him to bring the baby to church. Both husband and wife came. After the message I called both of them forward, and asked all the believers to stretch their hands toward the child. We ministered to the child and finished the service. On the way from church to our house, the child suddenly urinated normally. This was more than he had urinated since his birth several days earlier. His wife absolutely could not believe it. You can see her reaction in the photo.  She was so glad and confessed that Jesus is the only true and living God. 

The two hospitals could not help the baby, but God touched him. Oh, what a miracle God did for this baby boy. Praise the Lord! This morning they came again for prayer. They were saying that last night the baby urinated normally from time to time.

We do not know the situation with the boy’s kidney, but I believe if Almighty God healed the urinary part than definitely He might have healed the kidney as well.

I have attached the photo and doctor’s report.

In His Service,



Grateful parents & baby boy


Urine-soiled diapers!


Doctor’s report