“Just a brief report on what the Lord has been doing inside the Remand Centre here in Adelaide over recent months. All to His glory. It follows a long season where we seemed to see very little evidence of God at work in terms of healing which led us to feel some discouragement, but over recent days we have seen a real turnaround.
One inmate suffered a great deal of pain in his left side which doctors were unable to explain. It went on for months with no change. We began to minister in the authority of Jesus Christ. There was little change at first but the Lord encouraged us to persevere. The next we saw him he reported slight improvement. Over a period of many weeks of ministry the inmate shared how the pain has almost 100% gone.
Another prisoner from a Muslim background complained of a chronic infection in his lungs. The doctor told him that if he were to contract pneumonia again, he could die. We asked if we could pray and he was very open. After ministering to him he said he felt power going through his chest. The second week he shared the same experience. His lungs were so much more free to the point he was able to return to the gym and work out. We often reminded him that it was the power of Jesus that was at work in his body. Although he never made a commitment to Christ he never mentioned his Muslim faith again. 
An inmate from a motorcycle gang background had a very bad toothache and little prospect of treatment. He was open to prayer. Again we ministered in Jesus’ Name and by the end of the visit he reported that his tooth had gone “numb” and was no longer causing pain. Now weeks later that same numb feeling is still giving him much relief. This man has become very open to the gospel, is now reading a Bible and his heart is softening all the time.
There are other stories but recent experience has encouraged us to press on and take every opportunity that the Lord opens up for us. Praise God the prison guards have not stopped us from laying hands on prisoners, which strictly speaking is breaking the normal protocol in professional visits. Again we see the hand of God upon the ministry and  the light of the gospel shining in what is otherwise a very dark environment.”
Elijah Challenge South Australia
January 2016