From a disciple in South Africa who trained with us via online video

July 2013

“I have full confidence to minister to myself and my family…

Billy had a severe ear infection, so I laid hands on him while he was sleeping. The next day his ear was ‘miraculously’ (his words) healed.

My daughter had an infected mammary gland which antibiotics could not fix. It was healed within an hour after ministering. I told her that, as she is a believer, she needs to minister to herself in future. I gave her a quick lesson in how it is done and in what authority it is done.

The next week she had a bad case of stomach flu and had terrible pain on top of the ‘runs’. She remembered my words, and instead of phoning me, she tackled it herself. I did receive a phone-call and she excitedly told me ‘it works, it works.’ It took minutes for the problem to resolve, and she was so pleased that she had been able to do it without my help.

I have laid hands on both her daughters for their chronic illnesses (asthma and eye infection) and while she knew God could heal and had healed her daughters, she was not so sure that she would be able to administer healing herself. Now she sees that God wants to use every believer.

My oldest granddaughter is in hospital every year for at least a week in the month of March for various strange illnesses. The first year it was scarlet fever when she was a year old. The second year it was Epstein Barr virus, and the third year it was a case of an unknown flu that made her desperately ill. I am looking forward to the coming March, when my daughter and I will stand in agreement and no sickness will put my granddaughter in hospital again. She is only three and a half, and has been in hospital too many times for one so young.

So, now I need to venture out further and start sharing the gospel with strangers…”