Trin Trinh of Minnesota trained with The Elijah Challenge
August 2013 

“Praise God for you, who have been used by God mightily for His Kingdom and to glorify the name of Jesus, our Lord! I hope to see you someday again. I am still practicing the principles in The Elijah Challenge Training 1 & 2 to heal the sick in Jesus’ name.  Whenever I have a chance to practice it, God heals people from their pains right away so often that I feel like it’s a “normal” thing; not “miraculous.”

I am deeply grateful to Jesus who suffered the pains for us so we can be healed. By His obedience, God made His name above all names and so powerful that nothing can be in the way. Amazingly that name is available for us, who believe and have relationship with Him. His grace is wonderful! Praise God!!!”

Very elderly Buddhist saved and healed in Minnesota nursing home