Jaimie Alonso, a Canadian missionary
August 2012

Jaimie Alonso Reports

[Note: “msm” refers to a follower of the religion based in Mecca. Indonesia has more of these followers than any other country on earth.]

“I am in Bima now. We have had ministry every day and night. The healings we are seeing are fantastic.

I was invited to 2 msm homes. I asked them about “Isa Al Masih” (which is Jesus the Christ in the Arabic language) and they told me He is the healing prophet. One man told me that he thinks Isa also forgives sin. I said that I was a follower of Isa and that to prove He is the one that forgives sin, he will heal your sickness.

In Bima and Bali/Denpasar we spent over 2 hours ministering. About 10 msm were healed. A blind man, a stroke victim who did not eat for one month can now walk and his arm is now flexible. He ate his first meal yesterday. A man with broken ribs was healed and many backs, etc., healed as well.

Contextual missionaries are working in this area to continue ministry. All ministry was in the name of Isa Al Masih! Same Lord, same power! Many photos. Lots of photos. To date over fifty people healed, many more trained. The trained pastors are very excited and planning for me to return. 

Follow up from a contextual worker with the msm family: it seems that the man who could not eat because of the stroke is getting stronger everyday and as a result there are more than ten people who are wanting to know more about Isa!

I am back in Mataram for the next week training underground workers. We had a good time in a prison in Bima. Five young men came to the Lord. Tears of repentance were flowing as they received God’s grace! I did a mini-workshop to train them with the Elijah Challenge. To demonstrate the validity of the training and to strengthen their new faith, the Lord graciously healed one of the men.

If anyone would like to join me in one of my adventures, please contact me!”