-From Sister Jan M. of Wisconsin on April 2016 Las Vegas Training Event

“I totally agree the hour on the street was like being caught-up in Elijah’s Whirlwind!!!!

For me, it was an easy way to minister to people on the street for several reasons. First, I was in a small group of 5 people. So I was not alone.

Our group was of mixed ages and ethnicity.  It seemed ideal as we ministered to Asians, Blacks Hispanics, and White folks. The diversity of our group seemed to put people we met on the street at ease.

We boldly walked the street, smiling and making eye contact while one in the group carried a sign saying “FREE MIRACULOUS HEALING.” As people read it they understood when we asked if they needed healing in any part of their body. Some said no, but many said yes!

After the Friday and Saturday training, each person in our group was willing to take the “Challenge” and minister healing in the name of Jesus.  I believe the experience exceeded the expectations of our group. 

Usually one person would speak first and the others in our group would agree. Sometimes the leader would drop back and another would take a turn leading the healing ministry.  [After they were miraculously healed] it was a natural transition to ask people if they knew Jesus as savior and if they knew they would go to heaven when they die. One young man answered he did not know for sure so I asked if he would like to pray the prayer of salvation.  He said “Yes.”  So I was able to pray with this street dancer/part time stripper to receive Christ!  PTL!


Jan at right leading exotic dancer next to her in prayer to accept Christ

Another young man was giving away music CD’s on the street and when we approached offering healing ministry he was so HAPPY to see our group of believers that he just started hugging me and saying how much it meant to him to see us there. He was a Believer and needed encouragement in his life. He took us as the Lord confirming his pursuit of a music career. We had sweet prayer with him.

We ministered healing in Jesus name to so many during the hour that I lost track.

But God knows each one. And His Word – which we spoke – does not return void. Amen.


Testimonies from other Las Vegas Training participants


After the Elijah Challenge training in Las Vegas I realize how easy it is to just ask people if they have any illness and if they would like ministry for healing. This was easier than door to door evangelism.  So many people have pain and many will take the offer to receive ministry if we ask them.

We did not concern ourselves with those who rejected us. (People rejected Jesus all the time.)  We just moved on to the next people coming our way.

I would do this again and I would recommend this training to every believer.  Thank you, founders of The Elijah Challenge, for surrendering yourselves to God and offering this training.

It was so good to meet all of you taking the ‘Challenge.’ We are bolder than before. We have no fear in the Lord! ???”