January 2013

Good Evening-

I wanted to say thank you for the incredible teaching I just watched on YouTube on how to heal the sick. The Holy Spirit has been showing me so many things in the Bible lately & this confirms everything I have been reading!

My name is John Latini, I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  I have a beautiful wife & 5 incredible children. I am 38 years old & though I have been saved for 28 years it has only been over the past 2 years I have truly surrendered everything to Jesus! I have dealt with a lot of sickness in my home (mainly myself & children). When I was a young teenager I was on fire for God even speaking in Churches & always had a burning passion to heal the sick. (Though it wasn’t practiced often in my church).

My Mother & Stepfather recently started a new church & though it is small I have been having dreams of masses of people coming to be healed in Jesus Name!

Your video on how to heal the sick is everything I have felt but was never really taught.  I truly want to thank you for not only speaking the truth but also walking in the truth.

Your video has changed my life & I will immediately start healing the sick with the authority we have been given!

God Bless you & thank you so much!


John Latini


November 2012

“I just want to say thank you for providing me with a HUGE confirmation! I was wondering IF we could heal and deliver and do things on the order that Elijah did and would Yahweh answer and support us if we did that? I have been mulling this over for about…a couple months or so. Then I find this! I was so happy because it’s an answer to my prayer and question. Now I cannot wait to take the advanced training! I see the videos but is there a manual or anything that I need to buy or have??? This is just so awesome! Thank you so very, very much for doing this and offering it FREE so that everyone can benefit from this! Yahweh bless YOU and YOUR MINISTRY MIGHTILY and even more so as it progresses and spreads…ALL glory to Yahweh forever!”

-Sister S.


“I have been been involved in short term mission trips to Tanzania Africa for several years, and I’m planning to return in the Spring of 2013. I will also travel to India, and possibly Pakistan. The Lord have given me a burden for the 10 40 window and have recent been introduced to several pastor in various 1040 countries. It was “coincidence” that I happened to see the Elijah Challenge mentioned on FaceBook. Curiosity led me to your Web Site and As of today I have almost completely watched the entire series. I’m also reading the Training Manual. This is a Godsend. I plan to watch the series once again, and hope to come to a live training before next spring. My goal will be to take this training to with me to train the leaders that will be hosting me on my travels next year. In Tanzania the church I work with has approximately 25 branches throughout in rural areas. I also see the wisdom is gathering as many pastors and leaders to train outside of my hosting church during the time I am there. I’m so excited about what I am learning through this training. It is confirming things that have been in my Spirit for a long time. Sometimes the teaching bring tears to my eyes as the truth embedded in this training is revealed. May God bless you and I sure we will meet before I depart.”

-Brother A. R.


“Grateful, amazed, full of meaning for life and the gospel. That’s how I feel after these five days extraordinarily enlightened with your ministry.

Grateful first to God, who allowed all this to happen… A big revival, a watershed. I speak for myself, but I believe, from what I’ve seen, that I can speak from my brothers too. Grateful to you for having chosen to follow this path blessed!

You brought me hope to see people living the essence of the teachings of Jesus, and not by religious rituals and concepts – I take great care that it doesn`t happen to me.

Yesterday I wanted to give a “last” hug and say all this things personally, but I noticed that you had to go and I didn`t want to be inconvenient. I wish deeply that we meet again to share life!

It is with some sadness that I see you leaving. Because you are wonderful and it is very good to be in your presence. God works through you greatly!

I know that my actions from now on are what will give more value to what I say and for what I wrote in this e-mail. But I must tell all this things that I’m feeling to motivate you to continue! Because what you awakened in me was very, very good!

Well, I really would like to receive the material you used. Thank you for making it available. And I also would like your complete testimonial.

God continue to bless you greatly! You are now in my prayers.

I will do my best to move forward all the teaching that you passed on to us. And with faith that moves mountains exercise all authority given to us by Jesus.

To the glory of Jesus! Amen.”

-Sister L. B. in Brazil