Emmanuel Rhema is the Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Africa. He was trained at The Elijah Challenge Training Event in Enugu, Nigeria in November 2004. 


“By his grace we have entered and have organized The Elijah Challenge Training and Crusade in different states of Nigeria with amazing wonders and creative miracle healings. Currently on the 12th of November we shall have a mega-Elijah Challenge Training event in Delta.

The Lord has greatly lifted me in the ministry. The demand for the grace of God in my life and ministry is to the extent that I have to hide in order to rest. It has been incredible.”

– October 2011

“I am very happy to identify with you [The Elijah Challenge]; I feel good doing the work of God with the proof [of miracles]. The result—what I have not seen for the past 16 years I have seen it in less than a year. What you taught me I have communicated the same revelation to hundreds of ministers and believers. I am currently in high demand by churches. I give glory to God.”

“You have imparted much into me, and countless other [servants of the Lord] have benefited with an outstanding healing testimony in their ministries. The same thing you taught me I have communicated to them… It is only God who will reward you…”

Nigerian servant of God witnesses miraculous healings immediately after training with Emmanuel

The quick training of Moses Oyibo to heal the sick

Miraculous healings explode after Emmanuel endures and overcomes severe trial

Muslim Jailer & deportees in Turkey see miracles and accept Christ

While Emmanuel was temporarily detained in Istanbul in March 2011

Baptist evangelist trained by Emmanuel raises dead baby

Elijah Challenge Training held in June 2011 in Ibadan, Nigeria

Host Pastor’s Report on June 2011 Elijah Challenge Training in Ibadan, Nigeria

Training 40 villages in three months

Emmanuel trains 3,000 village believers how to heal the sick

Below are reports from Emmanuel’s Crusades after he attended The Elijah Challenge in November 2004

Historic Crusade

Two women raised from the dead

Sisters Mary & Itse

April 2008

Ogbe-Ijaw in Delta State, Nigeria

March 2008

Sapele, Nigeria

February 2008

Lagos, Nigeria

November 2007

Benin & Togo

August 2007

Reaching primitive tribal people

2,000 saved at Emmanuel’s first Crusade following his training with Elijah Challenge

Includes Emmanuel’s personal testimony of his journey from the Muslim religion of his fathers

Dead girl raised back to life at Crusade meeting – March 2005

Mafia gangster brings five cobra snakes to Crusade meeting

Emmanuel’s personal testimony

Early Crusades and powerful miraculous healings – 2005

A dramatic vision of the suffering Christ crucified given to Emmanuel

Okwudor/Ihebinowere, Nigeria Healing Crusade – December 2006