Comments from United Methodist Church leaders in New York after the September 2016 Training

“Praise be to God for the blessing of Elijah Challenge Ministry to the people of God and the churches!   

For the one who is starting out in a new role as the Superintendent of a United Methodist Church District of 70 churches, I am especially grateful for your ministry for the timely reminder and witness for Christ’s work in a powerful way!  I thank our LORD and you both!

I am looking forward to resourcing our pastors and practicing what you have trained us with God’s help.  There will be challenges and pockets of resistance ahead but for such a time as this in our denomination I am grateful that  the LORD has allowed this valuable ministry training to be made known.  May Christ’s Kingdom purpose advance further in our denominational context through this training!

May the LORD enable you and bless you powerfully to reach the goals of Elijah Challenge to the glory of His Name!”

-Rev. J. Y.


260 servants of God registered for The Elijah Challenge Training


“I am so grateful to you for your seminar. It surely encourages me to begin healing ministry/prayer at my church. I am going to follow your lesson materials.”

-Rev. G. S., Former Superintendent of UMC District in New York


“Grace and peace be to you. So much appreciation to you for your leading seminar which was taken place in Long Island West District this past weekend. I am the pastor of a UMC congregation in Pittsburgh. The solid biblical foundation on the ministry of healing you presented enlightens me to rediscover the power of Jesus’ healing ministry—the “kingly” ministry of God. My hope and prayer is to practice this healing ministry at my congregation—and beyond—that they may have strong faith of God, witnessing God’s power of salvation in their midst. …I will update you how this healing ministry works in my congregation and beyond. May your ministry continue to transform people’s lives into the followers of Jesus Christ.”

-Rev. S. C.


Above & below: Scores of people with infirmities testified over the weekend that they were healed as the trained disciples ministered


“My name is Rev. E. K., the pastor of Wolcott Faith UMC in NY.  I am attending the conference now. May I have the power point presentations of the three days lectures? Thank you for the great opportunity of learning about the Lord’s power & authority [over disease and demons].”


“You were certainly a blessing to us at Grace UMC at St. Albans, New York last weekend. God through you and your wife opened my eyes to so many things for the first time. Would you please send me the Elijah Challenge Powerpoint Presentation? It will enforce and serve as a reading reference for starting a healing ministry in the church I serve.”

 -Rev. E. A., Pastor of John Wesley UMC


“We met at Grace United Methodist church in the seminar. It was very valuable and blessed time… I will forward your information and schedule to my contacts in local churches in Gujarat, India. It is our hearty desire that through your ministry the Lord’s kingdom will be extended on this earth [in India].”

-Brother Jimmy from India

race, Peace and God’s Love to you. Thanks again for your presentation which enlightened and inspired me.“

-Brother BJE


“I cannot begin to express our gratitude to you both for such an eye-opening experience to the word of God this weekend. My life is forever changed. I feel more empowered and equipped to take on a ministry that I did not even dream I was qualified for. Thanks so much! I will use it to heal the sick and drive out demons in the name of Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact I am already using it.”

-Sister Y. A.


Professional athlete (right) was miraculously healed from long-term sports injury


“Thank you for a wonderful weekend that has opened my eyes to Scripture and Gospel passages that I have just skimmed over.“

-Sister K. K.


“On behalf of Ghana Wesley United Methodist Church, we are truly grateful for coming to enlighten us about our authority and power in Christ to heal the sick and cast out demons.”

-Ghana Wesley United Methodist Church


“Grace and Peace, Dr. William. Thank you for the great presentations on The Elijah Challenge at Grace United Methodist Church.”

-Rev. G. A.



Rev. Alpher and Carleen Sylvester, Hosts of the Training Event held at Grace United Methodist Church

want to thank you for expanding my mind to the power of the Holy Spirit.  My time spent at Grace United Methodist Church during these sessions will be memorable for me. I would like the PowerPoint slides so that I can study the Scriptures and use the information as I build up my muscle to preach, heal the sick and make disciples in the world.”

-Sister D. H.


“I am blessed and empowered by your teaching.  Thank you.”

-Sister G. N.


“You certainly do good work.  I am glad I attended. Can’t thank you enough.”

-Brother R. H.


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