By Subodh Jena Kumar
August 2012

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports

Praise God for His grace and mercy to His people. Baliguda is the district headquarters of Kandhamal. There were servants of God from 16 organizations present from local and from surrounding areas.


Three years back an incident took place in Kandhamal which instilled fear which still prevails among the servants of God. I met many servants of God personally and had detailed talks with them about the present situation. I also came to know about some of them who lost their homes and belongings during the persecution against the Christians in Kandhamal in 2008. The Lord helped me to teach The Elijah Challenge to those needy pastors.



There were many servants of God who had infirmities in their bodies, and the Lord touched and healed them. We demonstrated to them the ministry of healing through the laying on of hands as well as healing at a distance. Then I called them to the front and asked them to minister to the sick. They used the authority in Jesus’ name, and we saw the results instantly. The teaching was completely new for them.


    • Sandesh Babu was  healed from the chest and back pain from which he had suffered for five years.
    • Brother Rak Kumar was healed from a breathing problem from which he had suffered for six months.
    • Sister Sarita Patra was very excited at this Scriptural method, and she firmly decided that until she goes home she will preach the gospel and minister to the sick as Jesus did.
    • A pastor was healed from a spinal cord condition from which he had suffered much for several years.

After the event I received a phone call from the pastors who said that after the rainy season they want to plan a three-day program with many servants of God. Every evening there will be a healing service.

Pastor Sunil informed me that after the training he went to his village of Tumdiband. On Sunday morning  he ministered to a sick brother in his neighbor’s house. With much boldness he commanded the sickness to go, and the brother felt better in his body. He then requested Pastor Sunil to pray over his sick sister who was living elsewhere.

The miraculous healing of high caste Hindu Sanjib

After we returned home to Bhawanipatna a Hindu man named Sanjib, who is a driver, came to us. One year back while he was driving the car he injured his spinal cord. For a few days he consulted with a local doctor, and they advised him to take some medicine for a few days. However, the pain did not leave. He stopped driving due to the severe pain. And he went to the Vishakha Patnam Hospital in Andhra Pradesh, and took an MRI scan as well as other needed scans. They discovered he had bone injury in his spine. The doctor advised him to take medicine and to get rest. Accordingly he took medicine for some months,  but there was no improvement. He was very upset. Somehow he heard about us and called me. I invited him to come to my home.

He came with his friend, wearing a support belt around his waist. I shared the gospel with him and ministered healing to him. The Lord touched him. He removed the belt and tested his back. The pain had gone down and he felt better. He left without the belt.

The next day Sanjib returned with his friend. And he had no more need of his belt. He believed on Jesus and wanted to follow Him. Sanjib  is from a high caste Hindu family.

Praise the Lord for His mighty work. I gave him a New Testament to read. He was very glad for the healing. His photo, with his friend by his side, is below.


Sanjib (left) with back support belt sitting on his lap


A miracle baby

Last year when we were in Tandranga the Lord was very gracious to do mighty works. Even the Cinema hall shut down during the event.

Last month when we went to Gundripanka a family came to us and asked if I recognized them. I said no, I could not remember them. They said that they had met me in Tandranga and that I had prayed over them since they had not had any children after five years of marriage. They had gone to various places and had spent some money, but after I prayed over them the Lord had blessed them with a baby girl who was already five months old.

Thank God for such a wonderful miracle. This family had heard that we were going to be in the area and had walked seven hours to see us.


Blessing child


Reports from servants of God following the Training

The following reports I received from servants of God in Kandhamal following the August 2012 Elijah Challenge Training.

 From Brother Sunil:

“Pastor Subodh, thank you for your prayer and teaching. I went to a school to share the gospel to the teachers and asked if any person was sick or having any pain so I could minister to them. There was a Hindu teacher who taught Sanskrit (an earlier language of India) who was suffering from back pain for three months.

I went to him and laid my hand on him, and commanded his back to be healed in Jesus’ name. After that he checked his back and told me that 90% of the pain was gone. I commanded once more in Jesus’ name and asked him to check his back again. There was no more pain. Whether he receives Christ or not, he realized that Jesus had healed him.”

A pastor named Abasalom Anand also called me and told me that he had been working for ten years in Baliguda, Kandhamal. He said:

“Brother Subodh, I am from another district, and I had lost everything [during the recent persecution in Orissa] but many missions and individuals came and helped me. I was able to rebuild my house and other possessions. I was depressed thinking how I could continue to do outreach. I shared John 14:12 in my church and challenged the believers. I was surprised that 16 men and women came forward. From August 9 to 16 we went to five villages and went door to door to preach the gospel and to heal the sick. Not only is the Lord healing the sick through me, but our believers are doing the same in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is unbelievable for us. We ministered to over eight hundred people, and we saw hundreds of healings with our own eyes. The Lord healed hundreds of people. I truly believe my church will grow faster and faster.”

I am very glad to receive these reports from Kandhamal.


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