Subodh Jena Kumar is based in Orissa, India

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports

In February 2013 we conducted two days of Elijah Challenge Training at Gandupadar Baptist Church. Ganduapadar is surrounded by mountains, and is a small village. There is no road for transportation up to 5 kms. The people are from the Kui tribe. There were six churches from neighboring  villages also participating. The program began Thursday evening and ran to Friday evening. There were altogether around three hundred pastors, evangelists and others. The teaching was entirely new to them. On the second day along with pastors and evangelists, we did the healing ministry. The Lord touched many sick people and healed them instantly.





One of the senior Pastors Rabindra Majhi testified regarding TEC:

“We praise God for this wonderful systematic teaching on healing. Now the situation of Orissa is the very worst. We cannot preach the Christ directly to them without healings and miracles. In my forty years of ministry I have attend many pastoral seminars and other church planting conferences, but this was different for me. I think this method will help us more to reach out in a better way.”


Senior Pastor Rabindra Majhi testifying about the Training


Testimonies of healing

A servant of God named Saloman Raita serves as a deacon in a church. He had a stroke a year and a half back and his mouth was turned to one side. His body was not functioning properly. He had spent thousands and he was hospitalized for three months. After such a long period treatment, he was able to walk and improved much. But still he did not have strength in his fingers. But miraculously his fingers were strengthened. He was able to stretch out his fingers and do what he was not able to do before.


Saloman Raita


Sister Anupama had knee pain, and she was not able to bend over due to an operation one year back. From time to time she would take a painkiller. The Lord healed her instantly. The pain was gone and she could bend over.




A named brother Bilchan had asthma and would feel pain when he breathed. But after he felt the healing touch of God, he was able to breathe easily.




A woman named Rupalata had pain for last five months in her womb due to a gynecological problem. She was touched by the Lord.




Please pray for our upcoming Elijah Challenge Training at Parisal Baptist Church in Gajapati during 6-8 March. I think this will be one of the largest TEC Trainings for me in 2013 as I myself am going to arrange this program and the participants will come from different districts of Orissa.

Evangelist who attended Training now ministers with great power

An evangelist named Suresh Majhi attended our TEC Training on Thursday and Friday in Gandupadar. On Sunday he went to the Church of Mahadim in Ryagada District to preach the Word of God. The Lord used him mightily and many healings took place instantly when he ministered to the sick.

The Church of Mahadim wondered about him since they had known him before. Evangelist Suresh shared with them that he had attended The Elijah Challenge Training at Gandupadar, and that after that he began to exercise his faith with authority.

A great opportunity

 The Mahadim Church is planning to host an annual event on March 3-4, 2013. They were very impressed seeing Evangelist Suresh’s ministry. They decided at that time to call me for their annual event. Yesterday evening I received a call from a Pastor named Messiah inviting me to preach for two days at their annual meeting. He also informed me that there will be two hundred pastors, evangelists and leaders present along with other delegates totaling 2,500 people altogether.  Praise the Lord for this good opportunity.