Other reports on reaching the Unreached

When we were in a certain country on an earlier trip some years ago, we were hosted by a certain disciple who was a leader in a church there. He helped to interpret for us as we trained local believers with The Elijah Challenge. We taught believers how to heal the sick and cast out demons effectively as Jesus did to demonstrate to the lost that He is in fact the only way to the Father. As he interpreted for us, he himself learned and was equipped to minister effectively with power.

We met this disciple again on a subsequent trip some years later. And he had a powerful testimony. The Lord had used him to minister and to preach the gospel with power since the training with us years earlier. In particular, with what he learned from us when he interpreted for us, he had brought a medium to the Lord and then discipled him. Before believing in Jesus, the medium was very wealthy and associated with the very highest government leaders in that country. He had been trained to be a medium for spirits by a prominent local Buddhist monk, but lost everything because of the incessant demands of the spirits for offerings. When he wanted to back off from the practice the monk placed a powerful curse on him by sending demons to attack him, resulting in debilitating infirmity. It was then that our former interpreter ministered deliverance to him and cast out the demons. He was set free and accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. Our interpreter then discipled this new believer and taught him how to heal the sick and cast out demons in the name of Jesus Christ just as he had been taught by us on our earlier visit.

This new disciple then shared the gospel with a very highly-placed government leader he knew from his past who had also been a medium and needed deliverance. This very high government leader was miraculously set free as the disciple cast the demons out in Jesus’ name using what had been taught him by our former interpreter. The government leader then accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He was secretly baptized, and began reaching out to and discipling his own family members.

Our former interpreter’s disciple began to reach out and minister healing to other government leaders at the very highest level of this country, many of whom had consulted the prominent monk. This disciple even dared publicly to burn the “sacred” garment he had used when performing as a medium. The monk and his subordinates were amazed to see nothing terrible befall him.

Each day our former interpreter stood boldly in front of the Buddhist temple to pray for the monk’s salvation and to rebuke the spirits at work in him. Once he and his disciple were present when the monk and his subordinates were performing a public ceremony. Quietly they rebuked the spirits at work in them. At a result during the ceremony one of the dancers tripped and injured himself. And as they offered sacrifices to their gods someone was burned by the fire. This had never happened before!