Patrick on his mission schooner IXDOS


From Patrick Vickers, a servant of God who attended The Elijah Challenge Training in Phuket, Thailand in September 2019. Patrick leads the ministry

“We had been praying over the past year for the dumb beggar of Koh Kaew (Crystal Island). On that dark night he was alone, and dressed in white he walked down the middle of the road into my headlights. He came around to my open window and grinned at me, his head resembling a ghastly gargoyle with misshapen teeth. 

I took a deep breath and prayed. Then I licked the fingers of my left hand which I thrust into his mouth and touched his tongue, all in the name of Jesus (Mark 7:33). It was like putting one’s hand into the mouth of a savage dog and I felt he would bite. 

Praise the Lord, he did not bite but SHOUTED and ran away into the dark no longer dumb, PRAISE GOD!  I have not seen him since. I feel like I’ve been born again! Thank you Jesus, and thank you [Elijah Challenge] too.”

Elijah Challenge Orphans excel and take 1st and 2nd prizes in District-Level Competition