Albert Kang is the Coordinator for Elijah Challenge Asia
June 10, 2012

“We just got back from ministering in a church camp. Praise God for the healing miracles in this camp. Quite a number of people were healed of various ailments.

Before the camp meetings started, an elderly sister asked whether there would be any healing ministry. She said that one of her legs was in pain for a couple of years. Apparently her sciatic nerve had problem and pain was running down the entire length of that leg. By the grace of God, during the healing ministry, she was completely healed. She even jumped up and down to testify of her healing. A few days later, at the end of the camp, we checked with her whether she still had pain. This auntie affirmed that God had indeed healed her and she now had no more pain. Isn’t God amazing!

After witnessing thousands of healing miracles, we are still thrilled by every new testimony of the miracles of God. It was in Mindanao where a whole row of tribal ladies with back pain received their healing miracles. They had laid hands on each other backs and by faith, ministered to each other. The same authority and power that was promised to the disciples (Luke 9 & 10) was also effective with these tribal people. (pictures of this “Back-to-back healing miracles” are attached). In the same service, God healed so many of different infirmities and as old hymn proclaims, “I stand amazed in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene,” I still stand amazed at God’s grace and mercy upon all of us.





Ladies lined up to testify that their backs have been healed by the Lord

Thank you for allowing God to use you both to change so many lives and ministries.”