Rev. Albert Kang, Coordinator

Mural in Elijah Challenge Asia Centre

Elijah Challenge Asia is a ministry that is affiliated with The Elijah Challenge International. It seeks to provide ministry support, training seminars, teaching events, healing and prayer opportunities for the churches in Malaysia and Asia. In keeping with the strategy of Elijah Challenge End-Time Evangelism, this ministry has the goal of training and raising Elijah Challengers who would become leaders in the ministries of praying and healing the sick for the extension of God's kingdom.

Our Vision

The Vision behind Elijah Challenge Asia (ECA) comes from the story of Elijah in the book of First Kings, chapter 17 and 18, where God revealed His power and glory by sending down fire from heaven at Elijah's request. Today, God is still manifesting his power and glory through signs and wonders. People who witness these will turn their hearts to Jesus. This is the End-time Evangelism model.

Our Mission

The mission of Elijah Challenge Asia is to provide training for potential Elijah Challengers and their trainers by organizing classes, seminars, conferences and rallies. It seeks to encourage the development of many Elijah Challenge Operation Teams to do Power Evangelism in Asia. It also gives prayer and ministry support to Christian organizations that are using Elijah Challenge End-time Evangelism model in their evangelisms, missions and renewal works locally and abroad.

Our Method

The Elijah Challenge End-time Evangelism model is based on John 14:12 where "ordinary" disciples of Christ would be trained to preach the gospel and minister miraculous healing in low-budget, low-profile, relatively small (or even one-on-one) meetings. When the listeners see the miracles and hear the gospel, their hearts will be open to accepting Christ as their Savior.

Training Schools

Two schools have been established – School of Basic Ministry Training (SBMT) and also Elijah Challenge School of Trainers (ECSOT). The former being a regular short-term training for people who have absolutely no idea what Elijah Challenge Model of End-time Evangelism is all about. The latter is of course for those who want to be Elijah Challenge trainers themselves.

Administrative & Multimedia Centre

The ECA Centre is an Administrative Base and a Ministry Centre managed by both full-time staffs and volunteers. It is also the meeting place for Elijah Eagles and Elijah Challengers to discuss their ministries. It also houses the multimedia archive. Brother Charlie Tan and the Elijah Eagles will archive all video, audio and electronic recordings of ECA training sessions, seminars, rallies, testimonies and actual healing events. These will be made available to all Elijah Challengers, Bible School students and researchers.

Website and Publication

Reports of the activities of Elijah Challengers will be published on the website and also printed in magazine form. We are actively looking for skilled volunteers who can help manage ECA website and also design the magazines and books.

The strategy of Elijah Challenge Asia

Evangelization of Asian Nations

To strategize the evangelization of the Asian nations by influencing the pastors and churches to utilize the Elijah Challenge model of End-time Evangelism. This means that some of our Elijah Eagles will have to go to these nations and share the vision of ECA with these church leaders. We would also need to work closely with them to conduct evangelistic rallies and training seminars.

Operation Teams

Organize and train EC Operation Teams and EC Train-the-Trainers Teams to saturate Asian nations. This program is basically for Elijah Challengers who do not have avenues of ministry through their churches. If at all possible, we like them to use Elijah Challenge model of End-time Evangelism in their churches, ministries and out mission trips.

Healing Seminars & Rallies

Organize and conduct healing seminars, meetings and rallies independently or with the cooperation of churches. Just like what we did in Malaysia and Philippines, we work closely with the pastors and churches to conduct these seminars and rallies.

Working With Para-churches

To work with other para-church ministries by influencing them to use the Elijah Challenge End-time Model of Evangelism.

Schedule Training Sessions

To plan and schedule off-site training sessions for disciples who cannot attend the training in Malaysia. Once again, Elijah Eagles would be needed to go to these places to train and provide ministerial advice on matters concerning Elijah Challenge End-time Model of Evangelism.

Advance Planning Teams

Provide advance planning teams to prepare the hosts before the actual trainings and rallies. In faraway places like India or China, it would be advisable to send a small team to explore and coordinate the meetings beforehand. If a larger mission team is going, the advance planning teams would be helpful in obtaining information about the culture, taboos and also for practical things like where to stay and what mode of transport.

Pastoral Network

Network with pastors and Christian leaders in countries around the world so that Elijah Challengers will have open doors to minister in those countries.

Influencing The Bible Colleges

· Encourage Bible Colleges to include the Elijah Challenge End-time Model of Evangelism as a subject in their curriculum and to provide guest lecturers for interested Bible Colleges.

· To supply books and materials related to Elijah Challenge model of End-time Evangelism to these colleges.

Elijah Challengers (Alumni)

To provide services and assistance to the Elijah Challengers (Alumni) who are ministering on the frontlines.

* Teaching them how to develop viable healing/evangelism ministries.
* Ministry counselling and encouragement.
* To supply books and materials for their reference and study.
* Assist in advertising and promotional materials
* To support the trainers and churches with materials like manuals, books, slides, etc as well as translations of different languages.

Reports of Ministries

To gather and disseminate reports of ministries and activities of Elijah Challengers.


Dedication of ECA Centre – January 30, 2008

Mural Poster at ECA Centre

Volunteer ECA staff ("Elijah Eagles") & visitors

Prayer of Dedication

Pastor Alvin Tan (left)
Elijah Challenge Malaysia Coordinator

Business Manager & Donor Charlie Tan & wife Cindy

Alan Tan of HIVE Street Ministry (left)

About Elijah Challenge Asia

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Rev. Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia


Luke 10:9 "Heal the sick who are there and tell them,
'The kingdom of God is near you.’"