With Elijah Challenge Asia Coordinator Albert Kang
October 2011

Reports from Albert Kang

“The Elijah Challenge Conference was organized by Living Streams Church, held at JaiSamarn Church, Sukhumvit 6, Bangkok, Thailand. Rev Chee Kang Seng is the Senior Pastor of Living Streams and his ministry is filled with signs and wonders. However, he wanted all his members to be able to use Power Evangelism to win souls. Thus, this training seminar was organized. Half the participants were from other churches and quite a few came from other provinces. The important thing was that these believers experienced healing and being healed in the name of Jesus. We were thrilled by all the testimonies of divine healing. All glory to Jesus our Lord and Saviour!

Living Streams Church has a new and larger auditorium in which to worship every Sunday. They moved from the 4th to the 5th floor of the CCT Building Ratchatewi. This auditorium can seat 500 people. At this juncture, about 250 people are attending this church but watch—with a strong pastoral leadership and dedicated members, this church will win many souls. They will soon pack this auditorium with more than 500 every Sunday. They should become one of the fastest growing churches in Thailand.”

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