“I am ministering today to a man named Angelo who received Christ at Whitmore Square recently. Now hospitalised with severe pain in his leg doctors are looking to amputate. I am visiting Angelo today, fasting, believing God to cast out this spirit of infirmity and set him free. It is interesting the last time I visited this hospital (many years ago) a woman was raised up from life support. I go confident not in my own strength but in His power and authority.”

“Carol (on holidays from work) offered to join me at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital today to pray for Angelo. We arrived in the ward to find him in severe pain in his right leg, so much so his eyes were red and watering. (Two years ago he had been involved in a motorbike accident, trying to avoid hitting a child who had wandered on to the road). He has had no pain relief, although just before we arrived the nurse gave Angelo one tablet. By the time we started praying it hadn’t taken effect.

The doctors had a conference this morning and agreed there would be little option but to amputate right at the very top of his leg. No chance of prosthetics.

We tool authority in Jesus’ Name over pain and sickness and commanded healing to come. After the first time he thought something was happening. After the second time he was amazed…the pain had completely gone! He was overwhelmed. His eyes cleared up and was able to sit up on his bed which he was unable to do previously.

Carol and I encouraged him to try to stand but he was unable, so we prayed again. We left him at that point after giving thanks together and leaving him a pocket New Testament.

Angelo was so encouraged and says he is not going to let them amputate his leg now. We are believing for more breakthroughs to come. It was a great experience and so encouraging to see God at work in this new believer’s life.”

Richard Hawke, Adelaide, Elijah Challenge South Australia
April 19, 2017


“Very good news about Angelo from last outreach. Managed to visit him on Thursday and doing much better. God is very much at work in his life and still speaks of the day God touched him when he was prayed for two weeks ago and the intense pain disappeared completely. He says for the first time in over 50 years he is “enjoying being alive”. He feels happier. He shared how his behaviour is changing also. A man came into the wards of the hospital this week and was very aggressive towards the nurses. Angelo who was nearby responded, but not with his fists as he would normally, rather he just stood to protect the nurses. When he reflected on what happened he was amazed that he acted in that way. Needless to say this man, who is covered in tattoos, has won over the nursing staff! Praise God he is going to followed up by members of the Longriders (Christian) motorcycle club which will also become his church family. He will be in hospital for another few weeks to keep an eye on infections. Please keep praying for him.”

Richard Hawke
May 6, 2017