Don Swarm trained twice with The Elijah Challenge
June 2013

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“I first met you in Houston June 2012. I came from northwestern Pennsylvania (PA) to The Elijah Challenge Training. I learned so much. The next time I came, it was to the Virginia Boot Camp where I wore my army uniform and brought one brother from PA and another brother from Virginia. I have been struggling with diabetes as well as other health issues. I had a cut on my left foot in early January. Just before the Virginia Boot Camp my foot became infected and swollen. I took something for the infection. The swelling when down but it was still infected and bleeding. I did not want to miss the Training nor have my friends miss it. So I wrapped my foot with bandages to hide the bleeding.

When I returned my foot was worse and the doctor would not let me work or walk on it. I was working part time while drawing unemployment. But because I could not work I lost my unemployment benefits. By the end of the month the infection was worse and I went to the doctor. I was admitted at the Erie Veterans Administration hospital. They used IV’s to pump antibiotics, and after a few days I was transferred to Buffalo, New York where they had to cut off my lower left leg in order to save my life. I also lost almost all hearing in my left ear and some in my right due to the infection. I spend ½ month in the hospital then was sent to a rehab center in PA for 3 weeks.

Now I am home with no income and can’t work, and my family has lent me money. I have applied for aid but I now found out it will take at least 6 more months. I have decided to turn my car back in to the credit union, and for the first time since I was a kid I will not have a car. But let me tell you the good news.

The doctors in Buffalo told me that they have never met someone who at first was filled with joy, and when I met with them a month later they said “your joy is still there.” They asked if I would come to the Veterans Hospital and speak to the young soldiers who had lost their leg or arm. I told them I would, and I have been ask to go and teach healing to a small group of people!

One day I started to feel sorry for myself—just for a minute. Then God told me, “Satan doesn’t want your foot or your hearing. He wanted to kill you, and it is by the grace of God you are alive. So quit whining, pick up your weapon (the word of God) and get back in the battle.

So I am excited to teach what I have learned and I truly am learning to “walk by faith.” (LOL…) God bless you and I will send you the praise reports.”


July 2013

“Yes, I plan on teaching The Elijah Challenge. I will be introducing the TEC Training which I have viewed on the YouTube videos over and over.  I am excited to encourage others in this. I was in Lynchburg, Virginia last week and met with a young girl name Kerri. She came with me to the TEC Virginia Boot Camp training last March 2013. I shared the highlights of the TEC training and she called me yesterday and told me she was asked to be on the ministry team and she had ministered healing to a women.

        • She did not close her eyes
        • She did not ask or talk to God
        • She place her hand directly on the problem
        • She spoke to the mountain  with boldness
        • She asked the lady if she felt better, she answered ‘yes’!

I told her that I would be happy to teach TEC in her town.  Praise the Lord!”