People’s Baptist Church, Sao Paulo, Brazil
June 2013

Over four days we taught and encouraged the pastors, staff, and the many leaders of this cell group megachurch to be faithful and fruitful in shepherding God’s people. Sao Paulo is the prosperous, cosmopolitan capital of Brazil—the world’s fifth largest country—and the busy-ness of life can cause leaders to neglect caring for the many new converts who come to Christ.
Below is one of their four Sunday services. In this 10 AM service where William preached on “The Teaching of the Nicolaitans—which Jesus hates“, there were an additional 200 people in the basement watching on closed-circuit TV. When later Lucille preached at the 5 PM service on “The Blessing of Abraham”, the people wept. As she described Isaac obediently carrying the wood next to his father on Mt. Moriah before he was to be sacrificed—like Jesus carrying his cross—even the pastor and her translator could not help but shed tears. The Holy Spirit was moving powerfully in their hearts.
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The leaders in this vibrant Baptist church were greatly encouraged by the teaching, and are now committed to produce as much fruit for the Lord as possible before His return.

Feedback from leaders

“Dou Graças a Deus por levantar homens e mulheres como voces que nos ajudam a limpar nossos corações através de tão ricos ensinamentos. Muito obrigada por enviar-nos a apresentação da Difusão 2013.

Graça e Paz do Senhor, abrçs carinhosos.”
-Amália e Luiz