“Praise God that in spite of the very difficult situation we are facing here with persecution from government authorities, we had very fruitful Elijah Challenge Feeding Event in a remote Hindu village.  Our Almighty God did mighty things. Thank you so much for your prayer and support enabling us to reach such places. Over 230 people accepted the Christ. Praise the Lord!

 A few testimonies:

An elderly, handicapped mother named Parbati (below) was not able to get around without the help of walking stick. Unable to take care of daily chores, her life was very miserable. Amazingly, the Lord touched her and she was miraculously healed. She came to the front and in tears gave thanks to God. She was able to walk around without her stick and without help from anyone. Praise the Lord.”


“A young woman named Anita Rani  was suffering from tinnitus—ringing in her ears. Moreover if someone was standing at a short distance, she could not hear the person. But our gracious Lord healed her from both the tinnitus and the hearing loss. The terrible ringing sound stopped, and she could hear properly.”


“A man named Lalit had a broken sternum due a severe accident. Even after being hospitalized for a long time, he still could not stand up straight with the pain in his chest. But at our Feeding Event he experienced the Lord’s healing power in an instant. Praise the Lord he was able to stand and walk without pain.”


“A  young man names Tublu had been suffering from a throat infection. It was swollen and often painful. At our Feeding Event the pain and swelling disappeared, and he was completely healed.”


“A woman named Bharati  had suffered much from arthritis. She moreover had to endure a lot of muscle pain. She had been to the District headquarters hospital where the doctor advised her to undergo an operation which would cost a substantial amount. And her husband is a daily labourer. BUT the power of God touched her, and she was completely healed.”