John Latini of Pennsylvania trained with The Elijah Challenge
August 2013 Report

Other reports from John Latini

“I wanted to let you know about some incredible things that have been happening. 

Two weeks ago Sue Ellen and I took a vacation to San Diego.  While were in San Diego we went to Old Town which is the Historic location in San Diego.  While walking around looking at the sites there was a very old Catholic Church you could walk-in.  We went in the Catholic Church and several people were sight-seeing and some were praying in the pews.  I looked over in the corner and I noticed an elderly Mexican gentleman sitting down crying. 

I walked over to the gentleman and asked if he was OK and he reached into his pocket and pulled out a few coins saying this was all he had to feed his family (he did not speak good English).  I was able to bless him financially and he was so happy he started kissing my hand thanking me.  I noticed he didn’t move well and asked if he had any pain.  He said his back was all messed up and that was why he couldn’t work.  He could barely stand-up from the pain. 

I informed him that Jesus was going to now bless him.  I put my hand on his back and every vertebrae in his back went back into place.  He was crying hysterically and jumping up and down from being healed.  I turned around to see a crowd watching him get healed as well as the Catholic priest.  It was amazing to be inside a Catholic church in Old Town San Diego and see Jesus rock everyone’s heart!


Mike’s thyroid miraculously healed by the Lord’s power

Last Thursday I had a gentleman named Mike come see me.  Jesus had healed Mike’s back about a month ago and Mike came to me to ask how he could heal the sick.  Mike stated his entire life has changed since he was healed and he wants what I have.  He said the peace around you is amazing and I want to be able to heal the sick.  Mike and I talked for a quite awhile and I poured out the Kingdom. 

As we were talking Mike mentioned he was born with a thyroid issue in his neck.  When he was kid his parents had to completely crush all of his food or he would choke on it.  Mike said he still has problems with it but it isn’t as bad.  I asked Mike what the doctors said about it and Mike stated they informed his parents that it was something he would have to live with as it was much too dangerous to try and repair.  (JESUS SAID DIFFERENTLY).  Mike said it is something he will just live with (JESUS SAID DIFFERENTLY). 

While Mike was sitting I put my hand about 2 inches from his neck and commanded the thyroid to be made whole.  As I was ministering to him Mike said, “Wow, I feel tremendous heat, like fire inside my neck and I am tingling from head to toe.  I have never felt something so incredible”.  Mike said he could feel something dissolving in his neck and could breathe much better.  Mike accepted Christ and was also filled with the Holy Spirit and was completely healed.  Mike said “I didn’t come to see you to get prayed for & healed but Jesus did it anyway.”  I informed Mike that is because his love for us is totally amazing! 

I am taking Mike on the streets on Saturday the 24th to minister to the sick!  Also, on the 24th I am taking a pastor from a church in Patterson, NY on the streets to minister to the sick.  I spoke at his church several weeks ago and many were healed.  Pastor Tony asked if I would take him on the streets as well so he can also learn how to heal the sick in Jesus name!  (JESUS IS SO AWESOME.)

Woman working behind counter at spa miraculously healed

Over this past weekend Sue Ellen and I took our children to Wildwood, NJ.  While we were at the spa at our Hotel (Bolero) my son and I started talking to the young woman working behind the counter.  After we talked for a few I asked her if she had any pain in her body.  She said “yes, why do you ask?”  I told her that Jesus would heal her right now. 

She showed me a very large scar on her upper left arm and said she had soft tissue cancer removed.  She said all of the cancer was removed but she has nerve and muscle damage and lost some function. 

I told her to give me her hand, and holding her hand I said, “Father, thank you for this amazing woman and that you love her so much! In Jesus’ name I command the nerves in her arm to be made whole, I command the muscles to be restored.  As I was speaking she says “OMG, I feel tremendous tingling in my arm and it feels like the muscles are stretching.  How are you doing that just holding my hand?”  I said the Holy Spirit is healing your arm.  I continued to minister and all the pain left her arm and she gained full movement. 

She then said she had pins in her right foot and could no put full pressure on her foot as it had never healed properly when she broke it.  I said, “give me back your hand,” she gave me her right hand and I commanded her foot to be healed in Jesus’ name.  She was freaking out as she felt tingling & a lot of heat in her foot.  She also said she could no longer find the pins and thought they were gone.  She was jumping up and down on her foot.  She asked if I would come back and do a healing session at the spa in the future.  I gave her my information and told her how much Jesus loved her.

These are just a few of the recent testimonies!  YEAH JESUS!!  It is such an honor to share the Kingdom!”