In October 2009 Jackie viewed the video of The Elijah Challenge Basic Training via this website. After that the Lord began to use her powerfully to heal the sick and cast out demons via the internet.

“Since I last wrote you I was at the beginning steps and still am in my walk with healing and casting out demons. It has been a blessing to hear you more and more on the radio shows and to know that we all work together as a team for God’s Kingdom. Well, since I last spoke to you I began posting videos on YouTube promoting your website along with Rich Keltner’s website. After I stepped out in faith I started getting so many replies from people getting healed and set free—over 11 pages. Then as my faith increased I kept standing on the key principles you taught from Luke 9:1 and Luke 10 about the authority and power given to us by the Lord. One by one the Lord would send people my way for me to minister both healing and deliverance to them.

…These are bold measures I could never take before, but the Lord has put me on this process of gaining that Elijah- and Paul-type of boldness for the gospel with signs and wonders! …To think I would have never known about any of this had it not been for the Lord leading me to faithful people who sent me your teachings and I was able to grow with them.

Now I have taken the teachings to the pastor of my church and I have told him to pray about it. I asked my pastor to get back to me after the Lord speaks to him. We can then see how we can step forward in teaching others and getting others saved and healed. When that happens I want to plant as many seeds as I can for the Kingdom!

Brother, this is simply amazing. I never could do any of this on my own so I know it is the Lord giving me the strength and boldness to step out. It all began with watching your videos. Praise God for your website and Rich Keltner’s website and for the free access to these important teachings from the Word of God. I can’t wait to see what’s next! Let me know when you will be posting the Advanced Training online because I will be referring people to them in addition to teaching from them because I believe the Lord will use me to do this!”


Jacklyn Alma
Tampa, Florida