Albert Kang, Elijah Challenge Asia Coordinator
October 2012 

Reports from Albert Kang

We have just received this testimony from Reverend Ruel Crisostomo Barte, one of the Filipino pastors whom we trained in healing the infirm with the power and authority given by our Lord. Here is his testimony that just happened today (7 October 2012)

“We just got back from our sister church’s anniversary celebration. We held it in a covered basketball court. After the life testimony of Pilar Pilapil, more than 100 people came to accept Christ during the altar call. Then we challenged them to come forward for prayer and ministering. 

One woman, Narcisa Miranda came and so I ministered to her. After praying for her, she said, “What did you pray for me? I am deaf!” 

Then the Spirit of Jesus came over me and I rebuked the spirit of deafness and twice I exclaimed, “Be open in Jesus’ name!”

After that she exclaimed, “I can hear you now!” 

Then we thanked God together. Praise God for His healing power.

Just wanted to testify this! Our God is willing and able to dispense miracles!”