Carl trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2006, and after that served as a missionary/evangelist in the Philippines until 2011.

“We had an amazing miracle occur in our La Trinidad house-church this Sunday. A 19 yr old deaf and dumb girl was healed and was restored to normal hearing. There are a lot of photos and narratives are on my facebook. You will enjoy them and you can give glory to God with us! We have seen many miracles but this one was one of the most unusual as the ears healed one at a time (1st the left ear then the right) and then her voice was restored. She is now a friend on facebook and she is going to get a medical report from a doctor to verify her healing which is a first for us. Most people healed come because they cannot afford a doctor’s visit so they cannot afford a report of being healed either.

She texted (SMSed) my phone saying “Pastor Carl thanks for healing,.. To God be the glory.. I can hear now but I don’t understand everyone’s words so it is nothing to me yet. I have to learn the words now, it is so new to me. I like music… I am Phoebe” (They call here Febie).

She can talk now (her voice is strong) but she has to learn the words and how to pronounce them. She can read and write in English and she speaks American Sign Language but she cannot understand the words when she hears them spoken or pronounce them yet (she does not read lips).

When she heard her first song in church she was tapping her toe to the music. Fifteen minutes before she was deaf now she was tapping her toe to the beat and trying to read the words and listen to us sing them so she can learn the words. There were many photos taken which document the whole process. I asked her how she liked the music (we don’t sing very well) she said “it was beautiful” I told her, “your ears may need more healing because we sing very badly.” She missed my joke and insisted “it was beautiful” to her. When she said that, tears came to my eyes.

Her friends brought her to the La Trinidad house-church although they are not Christians, they had heard that miracles happen in our house-churches so they found the one in La Trinidad and brought her. Now they want to come back and meet with us although they live very far away. We will put them in house-church closer to where they live. I hope you will enjoy the photos and pass it on to others. It is amazing that someone just happened to have a camera at the service last Sunday so we have a lot of photos.”

In Christ service,

Carl Henderson
Philippines, Asia