Albert Kang is Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Asia

July 2013

Reports from Albert Kang

Grace and I were in China and we learned of a popular Christian heretical sect that is spreading like wild fire through more than twenty provinces of China. It is known as “Eastern Lightning” (东 方 闪 电) which now has more than one million followers. It has a whole host of other names such as “Second Savior Sect, Seven Spirits Sect, New Power Lord’s Church, True Light Sect and True Way Sect. This cult was founded in 1989, by a man, Zhao Wei Shan at A Cheng in Hei Long Jiang province. He took on a title “The Powerful One” for himself and later he met a woman named Deng. He then proclaimed that God had revealed himself in the person of this woman and he called her “The Almighty God”. 
This cult teaches that God works in three phases:
Phase 1 – The Era of the Law where God revealed himself as Jehovah. Man failed God because they could not keep the Law.
Phase 2 – The Era of Grace – In this period, God apparently changed his name from Jehovah to Jesus. Man was to believe in Jesus but they failed again because they rejected Jesus.
Phase 3 – The Era of the Kingdom – The name of God is now known as “The Almighty One” and also “The Practical God”.  What this cult advocates is that Jehovah was a Spirit and so he was not tangible. Jesus, even though he came as a man, he had returned to heaven and so his presence is no longer tangible. The only tangible presence of God is not in this woman, “Lightning Deng”. She is the present “God dwells in the flesh” and thus is the female Christ. She is the “Practical God” who will reveal the true nature of God. She has the power to judge the household of God and ultimately to conquer the whole universe. 

Anti-Christ Activities
Since this female-Christ has replaced the Word of God, anyone who follows her is made to denounce Jesus Christ as his Savior. The person must tear up his bible in public and then renounces his allegiance of the church that he comes from. He must proclaim that before he comes to known this female Christ, he was actually a “son of the devil”. He is then  accepted into the sect and become a “victorious one”. This new cultic believer is then allowed to enter the Kingdom which will be established by this female Christ on earth.
This cult especially targets the house churches of China. Their adherents use lewd methods such as sexual seduction and even the use of sexual stimulants to “evangelize”. Once a person joins this heretical sect, it will be difficult for him or her to leave. Threats, violence, kidnapping and even forced confinement are used against adherents who want to leave. The organization has become a secret society and will use violence to achieve their objectives.