August 2012

Reports from Peter & Modern Jesus Army

Reports from the United Kingdom

Dear “Elijah Challenge”,

I have just found your website.

Healing: As a believer I have had much prayer and laying on of hands by fellow Christians for chronic (i.e. long-standing) multiple food sensitivities and heavy metal poisoning. (I am receiving medical treatment too.) I still remain ill.

I note that the only trained person mentioned in the UK is Peter Pap in Northampton.

Are you able to put me in touch with him or another person in the UK trained by you? 

Training: As a Christian I am interested in the idea of being trained in healing. I thought that healing was only available through someone with the gift of healing from the Holy Spirit or randomly as God ordained!

However, having just listened and watched part of the first bit of the Basic Training, I have the first inklings that there may be another way. I have felt very frustrated that leaders in the Church seem not to be bringing The Great Commission into the Church, let alone the world. I agree that the doctrine of repentance is not a popular teaching. It could be that only through an encounter with the Holy Spirit do people realise the necessity of repentance (which literally means to rethink – change of mind).

 I have not heard your teaching before, but so far it appears to be Scripturally sound and presented in a non-sensationalized way. I would very much like to continue with the Basic Training but the video stopped early when it got to the bit about the gifts of the Spirit being for the building up of the Body of Christ…

-Sister M. in the UK

We put Sister M. in contact with Peter Pap of the Modern Jesus Army in Northampton, who then wrote her:

“As of the Elijah Challenge, I can only comment positively. I was in a similar situation to you in terms of thinking (but doubting) that healing was left to the few gifted ones… My frustration was not my own illness but the fact that I clearly sensed that our evangelism was lacking power. We did our best but with little results. This was bad enough to throw myself before God and desperately find the mind-opening Biblical truth.

This was when I happened to find the Elijah Challenge and after watching their training and reading their articles I soon contacted William. He almost immediately replied in a very sober and brotherly way, which made an instant honest and godly link between us.

Then last year Brother B. and his wife L. came to see us (with no strings attached, no financial or other things were involved) and he delivered a brief training at our church, which teaching ever since became fundamental of how we do outreach.

The Elijah Challenge message literally revolutionized our evangelism and answered an important question. So I can only encourage you to carry on with it!”

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