raise be to God for the blessing of Elijah Challenge Ministry to the people of God and the churches!   

For the one who is starting out in a new role as the Superintendent of a United Methodist Church District of 70 churches, I am especially grateful for your ministry for the timely reminder and witness for Christ’s work in a powerful way!  I thank our LORD and you both!

I am looking forward to resourcing our pastors and practicing what you have trained us with God’s help.  There will be challenges and pockets of resistance ahead but for such a time as this in our denomination I am grateful that  the LORD has allowed this valuable ministry training to be made known.  May Christ’s Kingdom purpose advance further in our denominational context through this training!

May the LORD enable you and bless you powerfully to reach the goals of Elijah Challenge to the glory of His Name!”

“…We are interested in hosting and offering the Elijah Challenge Training Weekend at our Long Island East District of the NYAC of the United Methodist Church.”

-Rev. J. Y. in New York
Graduate of Columbia University, New York

Endorsement from another District Superintendent of the United Methodist Church (UMC) in New York