June 6, 2015 – We receive a request:

“Dear Elijah Challenge, my whole life I have grown up knowing Jesus. I’ve always thought I have been saved, but unfortunately I don’t believe that to be the case. I am currently 22 years of age and God has opened my eyes to see that the life I’ve been living only leads to damnation. Since high school I’ve abused alcohol and drugs and pretty much given into every temptation that has presented itself to me. As of recently though I have been empowered by the word of our Lord and Savior to pick up my cross and turn my back on my sinful ways. I have not drank or used drugs in about a week, and I know that doesn’t sound like a big accomplishment but when that what you do day in and day out. I consider that to be power from the Father.

I came upon The Elijah Challenge about a year ago, but really didn’t get into it because I had been giving into my earthly desires. As of now, I am currently on session 3 of the new videos posted on YouTube. And I am really blessed to have come across them. A long time ago when I was just kid my dad told me about a man who could heal with the power of Jesus, and I asked him how could I do that? He had told me I could heal people if I had great faith. Ever since then it’s always been in the back of my head that that is what I want to do. So that’s what I’ve been striving for. Studying the Bible, watching sermons, and taking notes from TEC training videos. They do a really great job and I love how they are able to just give it to you straight. May God always bless their organization and encourage young believers such as myself to learn and do what He has commanded of us.

Anyway, sorry for my long spiel. I am in need of healing. In 2013 I was in two consecutive rollover accidents. The first one was my fault, but honestly wasn’t that bad. It was the second one three months later (related to work) that I think did the trick to really mess up my lower back. For the past year and half I have had this pinched nerve in my leg that radiates from my lower back and causes great pain consistently. I’ve always told myself it’s going to go away, it’s going to go away. But I’ve only been kidding myself. I’ve tried seeing chiropractors, but they only make it worse. The next step is the doctors but I’m afraid they are going to say I need surgery. Being 22 years old, that’s something you do not need in your life.

So I’m hoping that you guys could possibly help me out. It would be greatly appreciated. You have no idea. I’ve been on leave from work for the past 2 months because the strain it puts on my lower back and left leg is hard to deal with. If you guys would be able to minister healing to me from a distance or if you happened to have a disciple in Colorado where I live whom I could meet up with, it would be a blessing.”


June 7 – We reply to Tyler:

“Dear Tyler, we are asking our Elijah Challenge co-workers Sarhonda & Teddy (our husband & wife team) to minister healing to you. Please click on Sarhonda & Teddy to read some reports where the Lord has used them to minister healing powerfully. Normally they will follow up on your email to make arrangements to minister to you over skype or over the phone.”


June 7 – Sarhonda & Teddy contact Tyler

“Hello Tyler, please give us your telephone number. We will be calling you in 3-5 hours.”


Later on June 7 – Tyler writes:

“Today God has healed me through Sarhonda and Teddy. For the last year and a half I have had great pain in my lower back and left glute and thigh. It has made daily tasks such as standing up, or bending over really painful. Every time I would attempt any movement that relates to anything with the lower back it would cause a sharp pain that would shoot down my glute through my thigh. The only time I would find comfort was when I was laying down.

As of now it is healed. I can now bend over and touch the ground, I can sprint, I can even sit down in a chair and be comfortable again. As to the drinking/drug problem, I have not done anything in about a week. I know that doesn’t seem like a big accomplishment, but when you do it day in and day out. I can only feel like it is the power of Christ working in me. For backup though, they have also rebuked that addictive demon and for that I am very grateful. Praise Jesus, and thank you, Sarhonda and Teddy. I am at an all-time high. I’ve never had as much faith as I do now. God has opened my eyes to the bigger picture.”

Tyler continues to receive healing from the Lord as Sarhonda and Teddy follow up with godly counsel on matters related to his past life before he came back to the Lord.