“In the name of Jesus Christ I ministered to a couple of Christians from local Baptist churches. One is very enthusiastic about studying The Elijah Challenge Primer, and one experienced her shorter leg “growing out” [as her backbone straightened out] followed by all her back pain leaving. This happened in a Chinese house church down my street.

After this happened, Joyce who hosted the meetings in her home asked me to come back and pray over her husband MK, who had been left with semi-paralysis after a stroke 15 years prior, including a thumb he couldn’t move. I will be honest and tell you I didn’t have faith for a paralyzed thumb that hadn’t moved in 15 years, but his wife who witnessed the other lady’s leg “grow out” suddenly had more faith and was even filming it as I ministered. She was certain a miracle would happen. She kept telling me “keep doing it, don’t stop”. So as MK was willing, I kept commanding nerves to come to life in Jesus’ name. Finally, after 25 minutes of this his thumb came to life. He has full use of it today. See the video below.

Since he enjoyed carving jade, that is something he really needed. That was in February of 2012. He became an instant believer and began attending the church held in his own house, instead of hiding in the back room! Since he became a believer, his wife said it has also transformed their marriage.”

Tammy is a public schoolteacher in Contra Costa County, California who trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2004


Reports from Tammy, California Schoolteacher