Praise the Lord for His grace upon the work of our hands. We thank God for enabling us to reach a needy place like Dhenkanal. We heard that it was one of the areas least evangelized by the Canadian Baptists while they were there many years ago. According the census only five hundred Christians live in this entire district. The sad thing is that there was no one to follow up and continue the work the Canadians started in the early nineteenth century. The church in Dhenkanal is fundamentalist and very formal.  

Our Elijah Challenge Training was very powerful and presented a challenge to the believers. All together there were around a hundred servants of God and believers. Servants of God who had never in their lives ministered to the sick came forward and ministered to the sick with us with power.

“There were many who stood up when I asked if anyone wanted to reach out to the Hindus.”

A sister had severe pain in the lower part of her leg. To alleviate the pain she would tie a cloth to her leg while sleeping. But because the pain was severe she was not able to sleep despite even taking much medication. The Lord healed her as the ladies ministered to her.

A sister who is working as a traffic policewoman was suffering from a lot of pain in her hands and her head. She had difficulty directing traffic with her hands due to the pain. She had taken medicine for a few weeks, but it did not work. Praise the Lord she was healed as we ministered to her there.

A gentleman had suffered from a stroke two years earlier resulting in one leg and arm paralysed. Though he had been to the doctor and took medicine, nothing worked. Additional treatment required much more money which he could not afford. But Almighty God touched him and miraculously he was able to walk and raise his hand.

An elderly man had a heart problem for a few years. He came to our Training Event with much expectation. The Lord touched him miraculously as we began to lay hands on him along with the servants of God. His entire body started shivering, and he was able to breathe freely. The pain along with his anxiety was gone.

After our Training was over, we went to a house where we met with a brother named Samuel who had advanced education. He had gone to Delhi for a job, but after a few months his mind was no longer functioning normally. He began talking more and more and going around here and there. He was newly married, but because of this his wife left him. There at his home we ministered to Samuel. After returning home from Dhenkanal, I received a call from Samuel’s father. He informed me that there was improvement in Samuel’s condition. I spoke with Samuel and ministered to him over the phone. Thank God for His mighty works.

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports