Brother Peter is with Modern Jesus Army in Northampton, England

Reports from Peter & Modern Jesus Army

“The authoritative healing used for evangelism is doing well, more people are getting inspired to step out, for especially when the weather will turn good for outdoor events. I am in the process of approaching several festivals and other events for the summer and reserving spaces for our healing tent campaigns. Also I will, at some point in March, hold a smaller training session in London to help our brethren there. They are also looking into approaching different outdoor fairs and festivals. Same with the church in Coventry. Same in Birmingham…so a lot of good things are happening.

Challenging the prophets of Baal 

Now, we have also booked a place in a spiritual healing event in July, called the “Healing Weekend”, which is very much a New Age / Occult / Esoteric / Holistic healing gathering with quite wide-spread attention and fame in “spiritual healing” circles and by the people of the public (whom either interested of the spiritual or need healing). Besides the usual meditative and transcendent music stuff and trading stalls there is a big selection of internationally famous (and heavily demonized) people. The group of performers, speakers and workshop facilitators include many famous psychics, mediums, personal guide channels, tarot readers, hypnotherapists, Reiki masters and so on… So a nice line-up of Baal prophets. I think this cries out for a challenge! So we will go there with a small team. 

I would like to ask you and the intercessors to pray for our success on this event. It feels like it can be a next step for us where we expect some sort of a clash. Please pray for God to glorify His name there.”