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Carl trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2006, and after that he and his wife Celina served as missionaries in the Philippines for several years. Today (2016) they are back in the United States. Carl testified:

“I want to thank you for teaching me the The Elijah Challenge. After Sunday night’s healings, I was laying in bed thinking back to all the men of God who influenced me for the Lord, my many mentors, and I was wishing I could tell them about what we have been experiencing (actually many are already with the Lord) and I realized that in the last few months, we have seen more miracles and signs and wonders than many of them have seen in their entire ministries. Most were men of God who served faithfully for 40 or more years. In this area, my ministry has exceeded that of my heroes. They would be so proud of me! I realized that because of The Elijah Challenge and God’s power and authority, I also stand with the giants of my past. This thought made me weep, with joy! I owe this all to your hard work, teaching ability and trust! I praise the Lord for this incredible tool! A tool that allows every Christian to stand shoulder to shoulder with the greats of the faith! I thank you and the Lord for this tool and for this beautiful revelation!”


TANZANIA: 615 Servants of God trained with TEC, 48 people healed

500 believers trained and 400 miraculously healed in Jesus’ name in Poland

ENGLAND: 150 disciples trained, 27 people miraculously healed

Zambia, AFRICA: 65 Pastors trained and over 18 miraculously healed

Carl Henderson teaching The Elijah Challenge in Poland

Indonesia: the deaf hear, the dumb speak, 100 healed

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June 2010: Trip to Irosin, Bicol, Southern Luzon  Man healed at a distance from 650 miles away  
April 2010: Mass healing & deliverance  Many set free at-a-distance and all at the same time  
August 2009: Explosion of miracles at Evangelistic Crusade  The God who heals is the God who is real!  
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Baguio Mission Church WOTM Training & Outreach  Way of the Master Training & Evangelistic Healing Outreach accompanied by many miraculous healings & salvation  
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Cagayan de Oro, Mindanao  The deaf hear and the dumb speak  
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