“Amazing things happened as The Elijah Challenge teaching was applied for ministering to a family I met last semester through one of my public school students, an 8th grader named Brian.

I had ministered healing to a girl during an emergency in one of my classes. I had laid my hands on her and she felt instant relief. Brian was there to witness it. This took place after my article had been published in a local newspaper (“Richmond science teacher claims to heal people through prayer”) and my students had seen the videos I posted about people who had been healed.

Brian had actually been one of my worst behaved students. But after seeing the girl healed, he asked me to come and pray over his mom who had had a stroke. I ministered to her and the Lord touched her at that very moment. The Lord also graciously used me to minister to his father very effectively.


Reports & Testimonies from Tammy


Since that day, we have continued to meet twice a week with the family. They have experienced so much peace in their lives since God visited them. The father no longer has anger issues, and listens to worship music all the time. The mother is studying the Bible. Their daughter experienced healing from stomach issues. Brian himself was healed in Jesus’ name as we all ministered to him a week ago.

The family invited friends to come over, and the friends also experienced miraculous healing. One of those friends who lives in Chico now works with us to minister to farmers in his area, two hours from where we live in the Bay Area. One day in Chico we saw maybe twenty miraculous healings among the farmers and other people. We are going up there for the third time and taking over 30 Spanish Bibles. The saga of God’s outpouring among these people continues.

The father has been on fire to take the gospel with miraculous healing everywhere he can. Through his ties to the Spanish community and farmers we are also planning a trip to field workers in Fresno, two hours in the opposite direction. It has truly been an amazing ride and I’m so thankful for God’s generous outpouring.”

Tammy H.
Richmond, California
August 2016