Brother Van Peng based in Myanmar (Burma) first trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2014. After that he also trained with Seedtime Harvest Ministries which now supports him.
             “I had Evangelism Meeting at the suburb area of Shwepyithar town in Yangon on 24-25 August 2018 with two local evangelists. There came around 200 attendees on Day I and also the same number on Day II. Besides, there were one hundred children attended. Their parents brought them. It was not good to neglect them. I let two Sunday School teachers to teach the children in separate place. The children enjoyed and were interested in singing and scripture reading even though they were non-believers.

            The two evangelists were Rev. Zaw Htoo (Kyaw Htun) and Rev. Hla Htun. They taught about Salvation. The session was started at 09:30AM and ended at 3:00PM. At 12:00, we fed lunch. After the session was over I conducted the Authority Evangelism and healing ministry.

            At the last session of Day one two ladies accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and the living God. On Day two we invited and challenged all the attendees those who accepted Jesus Christ on their savior and the living God. Among the attendees, 45 of them accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. They made confession and we prayed for their commitment.

            I conducted the Authority Evangelism and ministered healing to sick persons at the last session. It proceeded until 6:00 pm dark on Day one, five sick persons were healed.

            On Day two, the healing ministry took until 6:00 pm, for many sick people came. I was helped by my wife, my daughter Winnie and two ladies from Chin Baptist Church Yangon. Twelve sick people were healed completely.

            I would like to mention about a lady named Tin Tin Htwe (see below) who was miraculously healed rapidly and completely.

            Her father had the art of black magic. At her young age her father let her have a lot of tattoos that they believed it could prevent her from harmful of evil spirits. She also believed like that. So she did tattoo and injection on her both instep of legs, calf, back of the hands, shoulders, forehead, neck and arms. The tattoo on instep of legs can fight against who makes her trouble. It is called the ogre tattoo. She feeds the ogre a solid beef that the ogre eats. If she could not feed regularly the ogre can eat her and die or she becomes fool. The tattoo on her arms and back of the hands are cabalistic diagram, lizard, spider, scorpions and snakes. That can be prevented from scorpion and snake bites. The tattoos and other parts of body can also prevent from bewitch and all other evil spirit harm. She believed that she can be able to fight and no evil can make her trouble and gives decease. But now she is age of 50 and her father also passed away. Now those black magic tattoo and injection cannot prevent her from evil spirit. She cannot prevent her-self from any decease and harm.

            Since last three years ago, she started feel pain in her womb and came out foul smell from it. She went to a doctor and the doctor let her do medical checkup but she did not do because she was afraid of it that the result may shows cancer and if it is cancer her womb will be taken out. She also does not let heal the black magic men because if the black magic person cannot fight and defeat both she and the black magic men can die rapidly, for the evil spirit can kill them. So she said she has no choice without healing in the name of Jesus. She attended on the first day event healing ministry. She saw and knew the other sick people healed, but she said she was shy to come forward and afraid other people would know about her decease.

            However, on Day two, she came early to me in the meeting hall and said that no other could heal her pain and decease without Jesus. She totally believed that Jesus can heal her.

            During ministering to her womb and all other black magic tattoos, she felt her womb is shaking a lot. After that her shoulders arms, legs, hands and her whole body was shaking tremendously. She cried and shouted to hold her that she was going to fall down on her back. We held her tightly on her back and shoulder. After that she took my right hand and put on her chest for her heart was beating and her chest was shaking very fast. After a while all her body kept calm and silent and she said the heat went up from all her body. She said she was released from all her burden of evil spirit work and black magic and her womb had no more pain and completely healed. She was so glad and smiled and said that Jesus really released her from evil and decease. After that she attended the evangelistic meeting at whole time. Even though she was not a believer she sang, praised and danced together with us in the meeting joyfully.”