This testimony was received from a sister named Eliana I. in Sao Paulo, Brazil where The Elijah Challenge was taught at Igreja Batista do Povo in April 2012.
Beloved IBP (People’s Baptist Church), it is with joy that I send you this email.

A friend of mine told me by e-mail, on April 2, that his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and that surgery would be necessary for its removal. At the same time I replied to him and mentioned the training by Pastor B. which would be taking place over Easter and invited him to come and bring her mother to church.
He is a believer, but his mother is not. She is a Catholic-spiritist and very resistant (opposed to the gospel). The answer was that it would be impossible to convince her to go to church and be ministered to. I was a bit sad and even “indignant” with his reply.
So during the services I prayed for her healing and I declared the end of her illness, just as if she were present. Even more, I informed the members of my cell this need and we cried out for her healing.
On April 12 I heard from Mrs. Terezinha  After some tests, the doctors said that she is now completely healed, and even asked her if she believes in miracles and in God as well. I have enclosed the emails so please check this testimony of an extraordinary healing at a distance.
[Her son wrote: “Today the test results came out for my mother. Honor and glory to God, the doctors did not believe and told my mother if she believed in miracles, because the tests say she has nothing, it was a miracle of God…”]
My prayer is that she may turn to Jesus with all her heart and experience more of God and Jesus Christ. Amen?
May God bless the Baptist Church (IBP) which has brought the Kingdom of God to earth.”