Kako & his wife Neide live in Sao Paulo, Brazil

“Kako started his treatment on 21st October 2013. The Lord has listened to our prayers (Psalms 40:1). Every week Kako needs to do blood tests and frequently we go to his doctor. Everything is under control and to our surprise his last blood test showed us what we were not expecting so quickly… the quantity of hepatitis C virus was not detected!! PRAISE THE LORD!

This is what actually happened:

  • In 2008, Kako had a hepatitis C virus count of more than 4,981 million
  • In Oct 2011 it increased to 6,560 million
  • In April 2012 it increased again to 7,350 million
  • In January 2012 Kako and I sat under The Elijah Challenge Training in our church and since then I have ministered to him every single day accordingly according to what we learned.

In January 2013, one year after The Elijah Challenge Training and without any treatment, Kako had another test blood and the result was a hepatitis C virus count of 5,970 million which was a decrease. I asked his doctor about this, but he said that it didn’t mean anything. However, we praise the Lord, because we believe that Lord was working in his favor. The mountain of hepatitis C was moving.   

  • In July 2013 Kako had another blood test without having had any treatment yet, and the result was a virus count of 4,030 million. Again a decrease!!  Praise the Lord!!!
  • On September 30, 2013 Kako had one more blood test before his treatment was to begin. The result was a count of 2,070 million!!!  His doctor was astonished!! We again praise the Lord!!
  • On November 16, four weeks after starting his treatment (which is not easy because of its side effects), Kako had another blood test . The results: NO VIRUS DETECTED!!! 

This test measure is able to detect a virus count of 15 units and up so if the result is NONE DETECTED, it means that Kako has a virus count of less than 14 units. CAN YOU BELIEVE that his count went from 2,070 million to less than 15???  The doctor said it could even be “zero,” but there is no test in the world which can confirm a count of zero. We are very happy.

For the first time in his 12 years of suffering from hepatitis C, Kako has not seen this. We know that this virus is very strong, but when I minister to Kako my command to the virus is: “Virus, you don’t have the power of multiplication. Lose your strength!” 

And now we see the results.”