The Elijah Challenge Mission to Brazil’s Northeast


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BRAZIL: Elijah Challenge Mission Trip Winter 2016

17-year-old girl who was carried up to the stage runs the next day!

Woman with crippling cancer walks out pain-free without crutches

Brazil: “I will go to ‘war,’ preaching the gospel from house to house…!”

Woman with enlarged heart runs, lifts adult woman off floor for 10 sec

Powerful miraculous healings in Brazil confirm the truth of the gospel

Many at Brazilian church on Sunday healed by “the prayer of faith” of James 5

Miraculous healings in Fortaleza—the most violent city in Brazil

Many miraculously healed & saved during house-to-house visitation in Brazil

Brazilian women with heart disease miraculously touched by Jesus Christ

“Full of testimonies of miraculous healings” from large Baptist Church in Marilia SP

Many healed as Sister Alba Lopez teaches The Elijah Challenge in Brazil

The Elijah Challenge taught with power in Brazil by Ricardo Bueno

Nearly 1,000 cell leaders of Baptist megachurch trained to heal the sick in Jesus’ name  Belo Horizonte

Man with heart condition lifts pastor into the air  Londrina, Parana

Six people with heart disease run inside sports arena Crato, Ceara

Healed: every infirm person who came forward over 3 evenings Itu, Sao Paulo

Hundreds of Brazilian Baptist believers trained on weekday  Umuarama, Parana

Unprecedented healings at a distance; Brazilian Catholics come to Christ  Marilia, Sao Paulo

75-year-old attorney rises from brain-dead coma; goes back to work  Londrina

The doctor expected the young woman running with the heart condition to collapse   Londrina

Baby’s bowel moves miraculously; healed murse comes in high heels  Juazeiro do Norte

Symptoms of heart disease in people miraculously disappear at Training   Itu, Sao Paulo

“Disgusting” miracle brings notorious drug trafficker & family to Christ  São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo

Miraculous healings before 1,000 at Wednesday evening service in Baptist church  Igreja Batista Viva Palavra, Vila Leopoldina, São Paulo

Large tumor on woman’s breast disappears as trained disciples minister  Aracariguama, São Paulo

Three suicidal people leave meeting in peace and joy  São Miguel Arcanjo, São Paulo

Unusual miracle of deliverance from mute spirit  Bofete, São Paulo

The largest offering in the history of Bible Christian Community Church  Grajau, São Paulo

Man injured in bad motorcycle accident runs up and down the aisle  Diadema, São Paulo  April 2012

Breast cancer healed at a distance   Igreja Batista do Povo   February 2012

Multiplied miraculous healings at People’s Baptist Church (Igreja Batista do Povo)  Sao Paulo

Igreja Batista do Povo (People’s Baptist Church) in Sao Paulo   Large malignant tumor in stomach disappears & other testimonies

Londrina, Paraná  Physician healed of heart condition & knee injury at a distance; she runs 10 km in 75 minutes

Londrina, Paraná   Many miracles at the First Independent Presbyterian Church of Londrina

Londrina, Paraná  Multiplied miraculous healings at Central Presbyterian Church of Londrina

Quatro Barras, Curitiba, Paraná   Elderly man & wife with heart conditions run 

Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais   At Baptist Church more and more believers trained to heal the sick as Jesus did 

Fortaleza, Ceará  God uses Brazilian Baptist believers with impressive power 

Sao Bernardo, Sao Paulo   New Testament miraculous healing 

Sao Bernardo, Sao Paulo   Blind eye with no pupil sees

Sao Bernardo, Sao Paulo   Child’s body twisted since birth straightens out during Visitation of God

Pirapora, Sao Paulo  The LORD vs. the god of the Romaria Festival

Barbalha, Ceará   The blind see, the deaf hear

Osasco, Sao Paulo   Three days: the impact of God’s power in Osasco

Umuarama, Paraná   Many with heart conditions testify 

INEMPI Church, Sao Paulo   Many healed; six souls harvested for the kingdom of God

Crato, Ceará, Brazil  The LORD puts the local god to shame 

Juiz de Fora   800 – 900 gather every Wednesday for prayer

Sorocaba   Miraculous healings confirm message of repentance

Presidente Prudente  God touches people with heart disease not present at meeting

Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará  1,920 people healed over 5 afternoons

Osasco, Cornelio Procopio, and Maringá

Visitation of God, Santa Cruz

Valley of Blessing (Vale da Bênção) in Araçariguama, Tatui & Sorocaba

Valley of Blessing (Vale da Bênção) in Araçariguama and Sorocaba

The Elijah Challenge: Initial mission trip to Brazil in 2005 at the Horizons Missionary Training Base in Monte Verde Minas Gerais