“I would like to share this with you.  I attend a prayer meeting with the
staff of Houston First Baptist Counseling Center on a weekly basis.  Several
weeks ago, one of the counseling interns mentioned she had been diagnosed
with a brain aneurysm.  I left the meeting but continued to be burdened
about her situation, so I contacted Adam Mason, the director of the center,
and asked if it would be okay with him and the intern to pray for her.  They
both agreed.  The next week Nancy and I, plus Adam and another counselor met
in Adam’s office.  I told them that we would pray a little differently, that
we would model our prayers after Jesus’ example of commanding the body to be
healed.  The intern indicated that she was okay with our proposal.  I
started commanding her body to be healed and for the spirit of infirmity to
leave.  Nancy did the same.  We both spoke life into her body, plus we
addressed some issues of spiritual housecleaning and the warfare that can
take place after being on the mission field.  Nancy and I felt peace in the
room and Adam closed our time together with a blessing on her.

We continued to pray for this sister in the days that followed.  She was
scheduled for an exam in 2 weeks.  At the time of the exam the doctor did a
scan and the scan didn’t detect any aneurysms.  He didn’t believe the
reading so requested another more powerful CT scan for the next week.

Praise God!  The second scan showed nothing – she was healed – no aneurysm.
God is so faithful.

Blessings to you!  We have been blessed by your teaching.”

— Bob Stroud, Houston, Texas