“In a predominantly Buddhist country in Asia in June 2017 we trained approximately 100 students with The Elijah Challenge as well as a smaller class on Missions. During the course of the training we sent the students out door-to-door in a nearby neighborhood to “heal the sick who are there and tell them, ‘the kingdom of God has come hear to you.’ “ (Luke 10:9)

At the two subsequent afternoon outreaches, a total 81 Buddhists were miraculously healed and 113 accepted Jesus Christ as our students went from door to door on those two afternoons.

The breakdown for the second afternoon outreach alone:

  • Number of students who went out: 28
  • Number of homes visited: over 250 homes
  • Number of people healed: 45 people
    • Two people were healed of blindness in one eye
    • Many healed from headaches, problems with their backbones, stomach pains, leg pains, mental/emotional problems, and many other infirmities. 
    • Some received deliverance from bondages and demonic attacks
  • People who accepted Christ: 77 People


The English translation of this video testimony:

‘I am so happy now. Straight away, I praise God. I’m a Christian. My son is a pastor as well. I honestly say I got healed. I cant believe. I pray that these gentlemen here will be blessed. This is as if my life had gone away but I got a new life. I don’t have enough words to say how happy I am. I have a lens in my left eye to improve vision. But my right eye is now totally healed. I never believed that I will get this result.’

We thank the Lord for such opportunities to train God’s people to proclaim the kingdom of God effectively to those who never heard just as Jesus taught and commanded His disciples in Luke 10:9.”

June 2017