“I am originally from Korea and now a US citizen. I have been running E. Stanley Jones Bible College in New Delhi, India for the last ten years. I hold seminary faculty positions in Korea and in New York as well. 

How did I come to know about The Elijah Challenge? Pastor Sungchan Kim, District Superintendent of the Long Island West District of the New York Conference of the United Methodist Church, “forced” me to come to know about The Elijah Challenge. What a man he is! I think he kept on telling me about The Elijah Challenge over a million times!

He copied all the materials from your website and gave them to me to study. I spent over six months mastering your teachings and began holding seminars wherever I went. I viewed the teaching videos on your website over a hundred times (actually) and started teaching the Lord’s disciples. And the teaching works!

I opened up classes for local Christian leaders in Sri Lanka, in Fiji, and for the foreign missionaries in residence there.  Sometime soon in Pakistan and in Myanmar as well!”

“Now (as of December 2015) I am doing an evangelistic tour in the South Pacific.  It will be done at the end of January 2016.  In February, I have one or two crusades in Korea and in March one more crusade in Sri Lanka.  
Recently I received an invitation from the World Missionary Association Convention (WMAC) which will convene June 2016.  As a guest speaker I plan to introduce The Elijah Challenge to all the missionaries at WMAC. If I am taught well at your Training Event in April, I might able to introduce The Elijah Challenge better and more!”

-Dr. Benjamin Yoo
Director, E. Stanley Jones Bible College in New Delhi, India
Missionary to Asia
December 2015

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