Articles on Strategic-Level Spiritual Warfare

By Sister Dorothy in South Africa

June 2013 

Note: “Spiritual Warfare” here does not mean prayer to God, but rather refers to the practice of directly rebuking and commanding powers and principalities (territorial spirits) in the heavenly realms to leave specific geographic areas.

“I have just been listening to your Basic Training I got off the internet.

I want to put the Elijah Challenge into practice in the area where I live. We have many sick, lost and dying people here in South Africa. I have studied all the ministries of many healers and so far have not found anything that ‘feels’ right in my spirit. I downloaded your manual a few days ago and was blown away. It is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I thank God that all the other approaches I tried did NOT work with my son, because I would have ended up in error and deceived. But, by commanding my own arthritis to leave in Jesus’ name, I am now absolutely pain free after many years of intense pain. God is good and I know my son is going to be healed.

He is 24 years old and has schizophrenia as well as has many chronic infections in his blood for many years which I believe are part of his illness picture. But I also know that Satan has taken advantage of the illnesses and bound him mentally. He is not able to fight for himself spiritually and if you have ever met a serious schizophrenic, you will know what I mean. People in churches tell me that he has to just trust in the Lord and he will eventually come free.

Thanks for the manual and audio sessions – and it was all FREE! I now know where I was failing and why.

Previous involvement in territorial “spiritual warfare”

I got involved in territorial “spiritual warfare” about 15 years ago. I believe this is why my son went insane. The wonderful Christian couple who taught me all about this spiritual warfare suffered too. The husband suddenly became ill with motor neuron disease and died within one year. His wife got Alzheimer’s at exactly the same time and she is institutionalized with no memory and is in nappies (diapers) and drools.

These were two wonderful servants of God. They helped me out of darkness and showed me the way to Jesus. I had always wondered why the two both suffered so badly and at the same time when they were actually very healthy, God-fearing people. There were no gold dust or strange manifestations in the ministry there…..just the spiritual warfare thing.

And I also became proud because God used me in a strong prophetic way. I thought nothing would be too difficult for me. I live on the edge of a Muslim area, and the calls to prayer wake me up every morning. I began to attack the spirit of Islam, etc., and you don’t want to know it all. I am embarrassed and saddened that it has taken me so long to see how proud and presumptuous I was.

Freedom following repentance

I repented from it this morning and asked Jesus to cleanse me from this horrible sin of pride, disobedience and presumption. A weight lifted from my shoulders. I am free. And I am free to minister, because the enemy has no hold on me anymore. I laid hands on my son and did it all like you said in the manual and audios. For the first time there was NO DOUBT in my mind. But I think I have to repeat it. They have to obey, so I will repeat it until they do.”

Seek ye first the kingdom of God

“I want to thank you for your audio sessions and manual. I cannot believe how much I have changed in the last week or two. The Holy Spirit is very busy in me and my outlook has changed. I was fervently seeking healing for Justin for the last six years. But I now realise that my focus was selfish beyond words. Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things …

If I had been obedient to the Great Commission (in however small a way) Justin’s healing would have not been an issue. It would have been a by-product of my work. I have a new prayer in my soul – one for the salvation of Africa. And may I be a part of the raising up of many who are equipped to do the work we are supposed to be doing – just being obedient and spreading the gospel and teaching others to do the same. I believe that my part is going to be in the co-ordination and arranging of MANY training sessions so that every worker of the Gospel – ACROSS AFRICA – will be well-equipped. This is what is in my heart. Of course it is still open to God’s determination and leading.

I am so excited and eager to see what the future holds. God is so good and serving Him has suddenly become amazingly exciting, scary and wonderful.”

“Is there an Elijah Challenge chapter in South Africa? How do we start up an Elijah Challenge in South Africa? I’m eager to be in all this.”

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