Pastor Rickie Bradshaw hosted The Elijah Challenge at Union Baptist Association Houston

Rickie is executive director of StreetLife Worldwide
 and the senior pastor of First Southwest Baptist Church, a predominantly African-American congregation in a Houston suburb


YouTube: The Process of Community Transformation by Rickie Bradshaw

In January 2013 Rickie wrote us:

“I am in Minoloporis (Brazil) for tonight and we have eight more cities where we will be ministering. It is really on fire. We had a healing service last night. Thanks for teaching me to ‘walk on water.’” 

Rickie informed us that on two separate occasions during that Brazil mission trip he held healing services and the Lord was gracious to heal the infirm, bringing people to repentance.

Baptist Pastor Rickie Bradshaw on The Elijah Challenge

“When I heal your heart, I will heal My Church’s heart”

(Spoken audibly by the Lord to Rickie’s granddaughter before He miraculously healed her congenital heart condition)