Subodh Jena Kumar is based in Orissa, India
March 2013

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports



We had a very blessed time to teach The Elijah Challenge at Parisal Baptist Church where around above 250 servants of God and believers. Almost all the servants of God were from a Baptist background, and they do not give importance to the ministry of miraculous healing. They give very much importance to the word of God, as of course they should. The believers also never attend church regularly.



But praise God for enabling me to teach The Elijah Challenge. It was completely new to most of the servants of God. They received our teaching and many of them informed us that they will definitely grow in their ministries.



I saw an evangelist who was seated in the first row in the second session as I was teaching the use of the authority by giving the example of our pet dogs and our children. I saw tears fall from his eyes. He shared with me that for the last ten years he is an independent evangelist. He had been working as a private bus conductor, and he left his job for the ministry. During his ministry time he was not seeing much fruit, but now he is expecting to use the authority to heal the sick and cast out the demon as Jesus did, and make disciples for Him.


A group of youths want to do team ministry every Sunday afternoon by going to surrounding unreached villages. They want to go door to door to preach the gospel and heal the sick. Earlier they had never bothered about their responsibility, but now they are serious.

On the evening of March 13, we had evangelistic healing service. There were 600 people in attendance, and so many people were healed. So many people came forward to give testimonies.

1. A sixty-five-year old mama was suffering from heart disease. She had suffered a lot in her life. She was brought to the meeting by a believer. The Lord touched her heart and healed her. Since she had been shivering, she walked here and there to test her heart and body, but suddenly it stopped. She did not have any problem walking in front of six hundred people and thanking the Lord. Praise the Lord.

2. Debasis was seventeen years old and suffered from a blood disease. His hemoglobin would always go down. Every six months he would be admitted to a hospital and have his blood treated. According to the doctor, people suffering from this kind of disease will not live longer than 25 years. But praise God Debasis began to feel differently from the beginning of the session on the first day onwards. He was much better, but did not tell anyone. On the last day during the evangelistic healing service once again he felt great strength enter his body. He felt completely fine and even his face changed. He believes he will not need to go to the doctor for blood any more, he is completely healed.

3. From birth a two-year-old child would have pus oozing from one of his ears. They put some medicine in the ear, but it did not help. Praise God the Lord healed the child instantly and the pus stopped coming out.

4. Indirani was not able to hear from both of her ears. Two years back she had brain malaria, and lost her hearing and some vision. She was not able to hear anything, and could hardly see things and recognize people. The Lord did two miracles for her by restoring both her hearing and her eyesight.

5. A young girl named Babuli came to the meeting with a toothache.  During the healing at a distance the Lord miraculously healed her. She felt warmth enter her face, and at that very moment she was healed.

6. Brother Manoj was a student in 9th standard. In addition to singing very well he could also play an instrument. That day because of severe back pain he did not go to school. The Lord healed him.

7. Prabhkar had neck pain and was unable to turn his head to either side. But the Lord healed him. He was able to move his head all around and could look up and down.




8. A woman had a tumour on the right side of her chest. It was hard like a stone for months. Miraculously it vanished. Usually when she coughed she would feel pain. She could not believe that the coughing and pain had disappeared.

Praise the Lord for this wonderful opportunity to teach and preach.