Indonesia has more Muslims than any other country with the fourth largest population on earth

“My time in Sumba (Indonesia) was again tremendous. Hundreds came to the Lord and close to thirty Merapu tribal people included. Major stories are a man with cataracts, and a stroke victim in Bali who could not speak or walk without the aid of a cane for a year. He could only motion with his hands what he wanted. This one I have on video taken by a cell phone a few moments after I had ministered to his legs…



About a year ago this man (of Hindu faith) had had a stroke. He could not walk without a cane plus the help of an aide as well as not being able to speak. He is a well-known artist and has not been able to continue to make a living. On August 2 there was a high school reunion in which the two ladies in the video attended. They befriended their school mate due to his situation and began to visit with him almost everyday since the 2nd of August. I taught a mini course at the ladies church on a Sunday evening and they brought me to his house the next day. Turns out this day was his birthday. With the aide of a lady he was led to a “birthday table” and motioned through his hands that he would like a drink of water.

I was able to share the Gospel with him and I asked if I could minister to his legs. The result was immediate as he stood up and began to walk. The cell phone video starts as I began to minister to his voice box for him to speak. The results are documented in the video. He is now a follower of Jesus!!  A Merapu tribal woman delivered. I had to put my fingers on her tongue as her whole body was cramped like a stroke victim as she lay on the floor. Even her tongue was cramped too. Here are photos of a fellow from the Merapu tribe on the island of Sumba. In the second photo below he is counting my fingers as he is healed from his cataracts.


ministry to man with cataracts


catact man Sumba


The Merapu tribal people drive a 4-foot carved stake into the ground on the right side of every house. Usually each stake has an image of a head of sorts.”


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  – Received August 2015  from missionary Jaimie Alonso who trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2008

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