Subodh Jena Kumar is an Elijah Challenge-trained disciple in Orissa
July 2013

Subodh Jena Kumar Reports

“The Hindu family of a police constable lives near to us. He has three grown daughters and one son. I came to know that he was against Christians. He used to speak to others against Christians.

During the last six months he underwent many problems, such as one of his younger brothers passing away while he was preparing for ISA (International Studies Abroad) in Delhi. His wife underwent an operation for a problem with her uterus, and his eldest daughter had a tumour. He was very disappointed with life. His wife said that he was talking less and less, and he did like to stay long at home, etc.

Meanwhile his middle daughter who was doing the final year of her B.A. had a dream, and somebody gave her a Bible. She shared the dream with her parents.

They knew about us, and they called us to go there and pray for them.

Rosy and I went and shared with them about our ministry and about the gospel. Miraculously the Lord touched the family. They believed and experienced the love of God. The police constable confessed Jesus Christ.

Now they have stopped the idol worship and Hindu rituals.

Youngest daughter miraculously healed of skin condition

The police constable has three daughters. The youngest one is named Barsha Mangaraj, studying +2 Arts in her final year. She had been suffering from a skin disease for several months. They had taken her to the hospital and consulted with a doctor. She had taken medicine but was not healed. Then they took her to an Ayurvedic Doctor and took the medicine he prescribed. And it also did not work out.

As a young woman, she was very shy and embarrassed because of her skin which was not well after all those treatments.

Last week we ministered to her. Within a week her skin was so fine with no more any spots on her hands. Jesus had miraculously touched and healed her. She was very grateful to God for this wonderful miracle in her life.”

Below are her older sisters Puja and Lipi.