By Veronica

“We want to share a testimony: today, we decided to minister healing to our maid, who was feeling a lot of headaches, cramps and chest pains. We ministered healing as you taught us and she felt strong heat in the regions where we had laid our hands. Cramps and pain in her chest stopped at the first time, and the headache ceased completely after the third time ministering healing. We were very happy to be able to experience the grace and mercy of God to use us to bless her.”

“My maid also told me that she ministered healing to her sister-in-law, who was feeling a ‘little ball’ in her throat for many months. She was very concerned about it being a cancer. My maid (who is an Assembly of God member) ministered healing the way you taught and the little ball vanished right away. She always wanted to learn how to do it because this is what God told her to do when she goes to evangelize in hospitals.”

“I have a happy testimony to share with you: one of my maid’s ears was completely deaf. So, two weeks ago, I ministered to her and she was completely healed!!!   Now she can listen well from both sides! She told me that her children found it strange the fact of no longer need to repeat many times as they used to when they were speaking to her. I’m very happy that God is encouraging me to keep doing it…”

Sao Paulo, Brazil
February 2012